Posting can be like talking to ourselves hoping someone will read and at least be nodding their head

I admit it, I'm guilty, I do it. I know others do it too. For those of us that may be older and have been diagnosed some 25+ years ago, technology wasn't yet at the stage of being hip. Mostly it was through the slow and tedious grumble of socializing that you would hopefully find someone in the physical flesh to talk with. These usually were the family and friends that you had already cultivated loving relationships with through time, patience and perseverance. But then came the newness, curiosity and convenience of the Internet where you could easily find chat rooms and boards abound. Oh the excitement, the intrigue that I could find others as me! It seemed at first to be quick forming of friendships and relationships brought together with a dash of not being so self conscious. But especially not yet being overloaded in a different way with the already many forms of senses we already contend with that seem to eventually be used against us, only causing us to withdraw. As in life there are many stages, and while we may not all get there or get there the same way, the outcome for many seem to be the same. We seem to be stuck in overload, wishing someone to talk to, wishing someone to hear, but still too overwhelmed by our own pain, our own senses to venture out into another's world. Is it because when we read what others have written we already can feel their emotions, their pain, their loneliness of having lost who they had once been, that reading it amplifies what we already feel? I've come to believe that our oh so many forms of senses have been drained by Fibromyalgia that mostly we find it easier just to read, to nod our heads, and maybe just to be satisfied knowing there are others just like me.

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