Over the years

I was dxd in the early 80's but suspect it reared it's ugly head years before. Course in the beginning there wasn't much written about "it", but I was seen by a team of doctors in Northern VA who did a Thermogram first. The title "Fibromyalgia" was kinda new back then...I was prescribed therapy (heat/ice and deep myofascial massage) 3 times a week, for 7 full months. Injections into trigger points once a week. Problem with all this, I was done in for at least 3 days afterwards. Over the years I was prescribed everything down the pike. Valium, then Hydrocodone 750 for 30 yrs, to Lyria which I was allergic to, to Valium this very week. I started painting at the age of 65, after retiring thinking it would keep my mind off the pain....nothing really does, but by the grace of God I'm able to get by. I guess feeling totally blessed to have Family, Friends, my Church and my art keeps me moving forward...day by day...thanks for accepting me, and know that I'll hold each of you in my prayers too...

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