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Extreme fatigue, aching joints, tender muscles and general weariness can interrupt your day and leave you worrying about your deteriorating condition.

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  • 75 mg Lyrica helps mine SOMEDAYS. I have horrifying foot pain, does anyone know if Fibro can also be in your feet.
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    @Patsy-Lee_Hadix I too have really bad pain in my feet, I got my feet x-rayed I am not showing any RA or osteoarthritis, I am however showing deterioration in my feet and knees I don't get it, but the pain is unbearable and makes it hard to walk.
  • In addition to Fibromyalgia, I have been diagnosed with polymyalgia, PostConcussive (ie "Subtle" Brian Injury) Disorder (from a vehicular assault) - compounded by 2 TIA's), PTSD, Anxiety, ongoing spinal alignment issues, hypothyroidism, plantar fasciitis and Narcolepsy. Pain, fatigue, brain malfunction, mental disorientation, depression, sensory overload, brain shutdown and sudden onset exhaustion due to limited energy stores are a daily challenge as are the side effects of my still being regulated medical regimin. Uncle Sam says I am disabled but not disabled enough. I'm "too smart" (very high IQ) for my brain dys-function to qualify me for disability (a lower IQ would have breezed me through the door). Therapy, dietary changes, support groups - done them all over the last decade plus. I was always an outdoorsy, active, healthy, food conscious person anyway. I'm also a Level 2 Reiki practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor and student of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. I STILL Can't function at a consistent level on an hourly basis, never mind daily. I pace myself, measure every activity (physical And mental), give my brain and body rest when they need, watch what and how much I put in my mouth (low glycemic, sugar free, gluten free, low fat green leafy everything, make my own) , supplement, hydrate (clear water, very little dairy, low glycemic juice mixed with water, occaisional tea, no coffee, soda, junk foody stuff)- it but it isn't enough. Hot baths, hot stones, massage, trigger point, accupressure/puncture, myofascial, you name it, we've done it. I Have to rejoin the workforce somehow! I have no other options! I spent 5 months living out of my hatchback in college - don't want to go there again! Fibro sufferers KNOW all this stuff already! What we need are real answers to help us survive our very real lives because no one believes us about how truly debilitating this is to live with on a daily basis!
  • I also have pain in my feet but l was told that l have plantar Fasciitis in both my feet. This is very painful to walk on first thing in the moring. I am also having a lot of leg pain at night time . Does anyone else have leg pain?
  • I suffer from fibro and I feel like it's taking over my life. I have four children and been denied social security for income for my self. Since then I have been keeping my mind focus on music, but it dont stop the pain. I suffer from muscle spasms, foot and ankle pain, back pain, bi lateral hip and knees pain, post tramatic stress syndrome, medical depression, gastritis, chest pain, bi lateral pain in my arms and shoulder, 6 herniated disc. I am trying everday to get over this condition. I don't want nothing to do with it, but I just learned, so much from all of yall. I pray there is more help for us all.
  • for over 5 years i suffer from feet & leg numbness , week joints specially when i am climbing stairs the worse part is it wakes up after one hour from going to bed in the evening & cant sleep again.I have not seen a doctor ye what do you suggest.
  • Hi I'm new to the new life outlook but I have had Fibromyalgia for 5 years . the up and downs with this is so hard to take . Im in a bad flare now and im having trouble falling asleep as I drive . any one else have truble with that ?
  • I am lucky to have an internist who has worked to check and treat both my B and D levels.. Both were very low....I have been on Vit B injections every 2 weeks for years and 50,000 u of Vit D 3 x a week for years...also CoQ , Calcium, Ester C, Multi vit.......this help a lot..
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    Has vitamin help anyone,they seem to have work for me. It been a long battle, but finale got a grip on my pain for 6 month with the help of vitamins. but if I miss just a couple of days then the pain come back. Also CFS hit me hard but found nothing to help with that yet, the dr. Have a hard time treating me due to my Gerd and epilepsy
  • integrated medical Doctor.....that's what we all need to deal with Fibro.....I am 46 yrs old and was diagnosed 10 years ago with Lupus and then found out I also had fibro. Fibro is all about pain, and the receptors in your brain tell your body that it has pain.....try blocking them. I use Gabapentin. It does help....just not every single time. Also know that with Fibro comes a HUGE variety of other problems, digestive and connective tissue just to name a few. the foot pain you are having is from the tendon running the length of your foot.......Fibro will deteriorate this tissue and it causes it to be weaker and more sensitive - get real good supports for your feet.
    Please don't ever stop moving....even when all you want to do is curl up and cry, keep moving. I know that I got instant relief after going to the Chiropractor, but not so sure it's a great think as now it hurts. Headed to an osteopathic Dr for a more gentler approach to adjusting my back. Don't ever stop google-ing it or stop looking for some relief......Just know ONE thing. YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE FROM FIBRO. what you need to focus on is giving yourself the comfort you need.
  • Marilyn Porter- I've been getting occipital nerve blocks which have significantly lessened my migraine pain. Everyone with Fibro is different, but this is one thing that has helped me. For me the pain is bad, but the fatigue is the worst. IBS is also crap, (pun intended). Everyday is an inventory of symptoms and a punch list of what might work the best for today's ailments. Then I just try to get on with my day and use the 0-3 hours of function that I have. Carry on Fibro warriors!
  • @Cocaow03
    hiya, I found wearing flip flop style shoes which support my feet dramatically lessened my foot pain, plantar fascitis .
    If you Google plantar fascitis and footwear you should find a link for them. They cost around £30 a pair but are worth it. I have about four pairs now in different colours .
    I also find that not walking around bare footed or in slippers that don't support your feet lessens the pain.
    I suffer leg pain too, mainly in bed at night, and have to change position frequently.
    Hope this helps!

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