I have started a YouTube channel to share research and support for people living with Fibromyalgia

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Hi all,

I am not a qualified medical professional, but I am a qualified integrative therapist. I am not trading as I am waiting on my 4th spinal surgery and then need some time to recover, so I wanted to put my time to some good use. I already run a Facebook page called Sharingmyselfwithfibromyalgia https://www.facebook.com/SharingMyselfWithFibromyalgia/ which has over 2400 global members and a blog on Wordpress https://sharingmyselfwithfibromyalgiauk.wordpress.com with over 260 members.

I have now progressed into a YouTube channel as I have managed to make some successful changes to my life and gain less fatigue. Which you can find at

Please feel free to come over to my pages and subscribe, not only do I want to help others live a happy successful life but I also need you to help me. I have learnt so much from my followers I cannot even put it into words how grateful I am. I hope to see some of my fellow American friends group in time. You have some fantastic medical professionals that are trialling assorts to help this debilitating condition in the US. Over in the UK we have very limited money and very limited trials for this condition. So please come over and say hi and let us help each other. :)

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