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imageMy Story: Nora Torres - New Life Outlook | Fibromyalgia

For about 10 years, I have suffered from muscle cramps, tightening of neck and shoulders to the point of severe pain, lower back pain, body temperature variations, etc

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    I am also a teacher with fibromyalgia. I would love to make a connection and chat with you more. My email address is

    I look forward to our chat.

    L. Berry

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    Thank you Nora. I wish we had a support group in my area. We need this. I live in Brentwood, CA. Let me know if by chance you are close. My e-mail.
  • I feel for all of you. I also had terrible neck, shoulder and back pain for years. My chiro told me on more than one occasion that he thought I had fibromyalgia. In January of 2013 I joined a company called It Works. I started using a product called Greens. Not only have those symptoms abated, my migraines have disappeared as well as my acid reflux. I know several people personally with terrible fibromyalgia whose lives have been transformed. You may know someone who is an It Works rep. If you do, I suggest you ask them about this product. If you don't, you are more than welcome to contact me through email at Subject line: GREENS. Email me and I will be glad to Give you my phone # and or my website. I don't know if I'm allowed to put my website here and I don't want to violate any "rules.' I just hate to see people suffer with something that can potentially be helped. Have a good day!
  • I am also a Fibromyalgia sufferer. I have had it for years. It seems to be getting worse. It has changed my life. Nora, I can relate to every word you have said. It took years for Drs. to finally give me a diagnosis. They thought I had MS, Limes Disease and other things that I didn't have. I finally ended up at a Rheumatologists office. He diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. I saw him a few times and quit going. He wasn't doing anything for me except taking my money. He would not prescribe anything for pain. He said if I started taking it now, I would be on it for the rest of my life. So I take no pain medications for my pain other than Ibprofin. I just suffer most of the time. My sleep is effected as well as my daily life. I have found that a good nights sleep is the best medicine. I sleep on a memory foam pad and that seems to help some. I take Melatonin to help me sleep. It's hard falling asleep when your body hurts from the day. I wake up un-refreshed, tired and dragging. The best part of my day is late afternoon for some reason. I try to mind over matter my pain. It works sometimes. I know if I do too much physical activity I will pay for it. So I try to plan things out and spread them out. I take breaks while cooking or trying to clean my house. I can hardly clean my house anymore. I can't walk, stand or sit for too long. I am up and down and that seems to work best for me. I do not work a regular job any longer. I am a caregiver and this allows me to move as much or as little as I need to. I don't do any lifting, pushing or pulling if I can help it. I have learned what my body can take and what it can't. If I don't listen to my body I will pay for it dearly. I try to eat an Organic diet as much as I can. This has helped me to be a healthier person, but has not helped my pain. I have also learned to avoid Gluten as much as I can. That seems to help with some pain. I can have bread, just not every day. My pain is a part of me. I have to accept that until they find a cure. I try to look forward to the future. My kids are all married now and will have a family of their own soon. I hope to be able to enjoy my grandchildren, to play with them and to hold them. It worries me that I won't be able to do that. I tried a ladies gym once for about a month. I was in so much pain I had to quit. It was not aggressive at all, yet it was too much for me. Has anyone ever heard of Costochondritis? It's an inflamation of the rib muscle and tissues around the ribs. I get it often. It's very painful. I can't even wear my bra when its flared up. While going to the gym I got Cosochondritis really bad. I had to quit. Learning to know my body and it's limits is what works for me. Trying to sleep well is my best medicine. Taking a hot bath helps but it's very temporary. I don't seem to be able to tolerate the heat anymore. It makes me feel sick and worse than normal. The dr. told me Fibromyalgia is a short circuit in the brain that tells your body it hurts when there is nothing wrong. My Dr. kept telling me, " theres nothing wrong with you." I said, " how many patients do you get away with saying that to? " I have dumped all the Drs. They don't help me at all. They politely sit and chat about my pain. Then they charge me over $100.00 each visit to do that. What for? So I don't go to the Drs anymore. I am my own Doctor. Changing my diet to Organic has kept me out of the Drs office for everything else. I don't know what else to do. I pretty much just exsist everyday. That sounds sad and depressing and it can be. I try really hard to fight depression. I keep saying.. it is what it is, so get over it. I was recently in two car accidents 6 months apart. We hit a deer both times. I was the passenger both times. I have suffered with severe neck and shoulder pain ever since. I had pain before but nothing like this. I am seeing a holistic chiropractor. She can relieve the pain for a day or two and that's about it. The trauma from the car accidents has made things much worse for me. It is what it is. Keep smiling I say.. but I seem to frown a lot lately. Some people, my family included don't understand about Fibromyalgia. Some don't believe its real. Some Doctors don't believe it's real. I get the feeling that some people and some Drs. think that it's all in my head. That explains the strange pain I keep getting in the right side of my head that no Dr. can figure out! Seriously, Fibromyalgia is real and it has changed me and my life. I accept it for what it is and I will keep going with my chin up.
    I am a huge believer in eating Organic and GMO free foods. It has made me healthier. Now If I could just find away to get rid of my Fibromyalgia.
  • Very interesting story. I have been laying on an ice pack for 2 days because I thought I did something to my neck and shoulders. Have severe pain shooting down my neck into my left shoulder, and pain radiating behind the shoulder blade. It hurts to sit up for any length of time. I have suffered with severe pain in my back, neck, shoulders, hips, and legs. The majority of my pain is definitely in my back. After several years of testing, I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in 2009. Then in 2012 I was diagnosed with RA. I have my good days and my bad days. My biggest fear is that I will be crippled completely by this disease and end up in a wheelchair. I work from home now, which has helped immensely, but I still have to call off days when I am in too much pain.
  • does anyone live in georgia? I have such severe daily pain and I have lost my best friend over this, as she feels it is my attempt to try and get pain medication, If I was drug seeking I surely would have not spent $3000 on getting the best latex mattress recommended for fibro, every two weeks massage therapy, years of massage, on and off P.T. and Chiro, spending close to $1000 on vitamins this year, changing my entire workout and diet lifestyle constantly, now on an anti-inflammatory diet, which I have always been a "sugar addict" and "diet coke lover". I have gone now to a pain and spine center finally as my last hope since Feb. and am on conventional meds. and still no relief on my severe daily pain. I am at the point that I can not take this anymore, yes I am ready for a narcotic of some sort. I can not live like this anymore, this is not a quality of life and I have no idea how I can continue to function. I just resigned from a hospice on call job because I can't do on call any more, but now I accepted a hospital nursing position as of sept 15. How in the world will I be able to do the fast pace nursing 13 hours on your feet job. I have got to get it together before I start that job, and now my insurance is about to run out between jobs. I am so stressed and I guess Ill have to pay for cobra insurance. I don't understand why I am on so many medications now, but am having severe daily waves of pain that literally takes my breath away. why???? I have done so much research. I am trying to find answers. I am trying everything. I have an apt scheduled with a homeopath/acupuncturist in 2 wks and will see my pain doctor this next Tues. Each time I talk about my pain to a doctor, they look at me with a blank look and I just don't think he is really getting the true picture of what it is to live with this. He doesn't even have it listed in my medical record that I have Fibromyalgia even though that is what I was referred to his office with. I called his office last week twice saying I was in severe pain and was having side effects of the medication Lyrica and was also afraid of potentially harmful side effects of combining the two meds he had me on - Cymbalta and Ultram, and also said that I was in such severe pain I was taking two Ultram at a time and taking it every 4 hours to try and control my pain, please call back, no one ever ever called me back.
  • I took have is wonderful illness lol got to have humor with this I myself learning to deal with this so true on getting to know your body can any one suggest on diet?
  • My health has declined 80% since last year aches everywhere can't work. Very troubling i am 54 i feel like 80

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