Comparing Fibro Pain

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imageComparing Fibro Pain

Comparing yourself to other fibro sufferers can lead to discomforts from self-esteem issues and depressive states to misplaced anger and nagging doubt.

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  • I am wondering about yoga. are people finding this beneficial to do at night or first thing in the morning?
    I try to do moderate exercise daily. we have a ranch, so getting some form of exercise is no problem. I have heard that yoga is good.
  • My primary advocates practicing YOGA not as a religion but as a physical discipline and mental focus. He says, like many reports say, that it is ideal for Fibromyalgia and literally prescribed three times per week as my prescription. It does help for the central nervous system. Truthfully, I practiced 40 years ago! Have had trouble getting back into it due to OA and because it is so slow.....duh. Anyway, I am getting there. I have tried numerous DVD offerings which haven't spoken to me that much. I finally just purchased a book with all the movements that I could lay flat. I am finding that I have movements that I love and can do well. I may never be able to advance to some of them. So 'designing' a program for myself & that will be good enough. Then will set to relaxing music. I tend to think piano music or violin is soothing--at least for me. I also advocate looking into 'bed yoga' movements. It has also helped me greatly. Hope this helps.
  • does anyone have rib pain? I keep having stabbing pain in my ribs. does anyone else have this?
  • I had found Leslie Sansone's Walking part one on youtube and that exercise routine seems to work well for me although I am pretty lazy about getting around to doing it but have found when I make an honest effort to try to do it as much as possible it seems to help somewhat with the pain. I am guilty of avoiding exercise but have heard that avoiding exercise can make the pain worse and I tend to agree that is the case with me. I could not even do sit and be fit exercises but that walking exercise the most strenuous thing for me was raising my arms over my head for some reason. I can't kick very high at all but you just do what you can knowing your own limitations. Try it.
  • @Debb yes I thought I was having a heart attack at first in fact I had an ekg. I also had burning muscles across my chest. And there doesnt seem to be a day that my ribs dont feel bruised.
  • Have trouble with my voice when I get tired:It sounds like I have a cold!
  • @Debb Yes I have had thought at times i might be having angina. Its is scary.
  • Has anyone ever tried getting off Effexor? (antidepresssant) It is awful. Trying to do more natural supplements but everytime I start to wean, I get a bad headache in back of my head and on top of all the other pain, I give in and go back up on the Effexor. Plus I tend to cry easily, over what I'm not sure (lol). Been on sooo many pharmaceuticals since diagnosed in 1995, my poor liver and kidneys is all I think about...

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