Skin Care for Fibromyalgia

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imageSkin Care for Fibromyalgia

There are some tips to follow to help make life a little easier and more comfortable if you have skin problems caused by fibromyalgia.

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  • I also suffer Fibromyalgia ,I went to several Doctors and after a long time,I know what's wrong now,I now have learned to sit when my back gets the pain really bad.i have been going to a class called Silver Sneakers.Its an exercise class for older folks.Our Community Center offers the class.I love it as it has helped me a lot,and I walk 1 to a2 miles on the track before class.When I first started I could hardly make it around the track 1 time ,now I go 16 to 32 rounds.I am on Cybbalta,so I am pleased with my progress.I did retire from work,I worked at Walgreens,I loved my job, but to much standing and that killed me.Thank You for listening.I enjoy reading the other comments.
  • I have had fibro for 10 years , even though I know some health contions are alot worse I have alot of trouble dealing with this disease... It would be awesome to have some fibro friends ... people that I can relate to ....
  • I can't take lyrica either . It causes my face to swell , which is very dangerous !
  • Dove soap is a good choice for fibromyalgia skin.
  • I take Gabapentin 1200mg per day. I keep getting a rash on my chin that will start oozing liquid. I use mild soap with warm water to clean this area. It last for almost 2 weeks at a time. I was just wondering if this could be related to my Fibromyalgia that I've had since 2010.
  • @Debbie_Garrison I can relate to what you're going through. I'm walking with a cane now because of this. It would be nice having Fibro friends, people that really understand that just because I look fine, I still hurt and have good days and bad days. Some people just don't understand this disease !!
  • @Jan_Rose I like the cucumber and green tea dove body wash
  • I have not been to a doctoe but I am thinking I may have FM. What type of dr. Do I need to see?
  • I have had fibro over 10 years with lupus and arthritis. I also have primary biliary cirrhosis from taking to much Advil before I got diagnosed. I was told my itching was from Cirrhosis and take medicine for it. But I get bumps and hot red patches still so it must be the fibro. I don't think anyone knows totally what is going on I learn stuff all the time of stuff that is related. I have the depression anxiety and cry a lot too. I go to a rheumatologist who is very helpful but is one of those that thinks it is still OK to work. I had to leave my job at a utility company because my brain just wouldn't function so I tried for medical social security and was told by a judge that I could still do lots of other jobs like work at a store. So I got a job at JC Penny's and can still work but cry a lot in pain because I am on my feet and can't just work 15 to 20 hours because I need more money than that for the drugs I need. It will be nice seeing what everyone else does to help them and to know I am not crazy or a big baby that has these issues. I can't say it isn't all in my head because it is and it is called brain fog most the time from drugs and pain. I am worn out and cranky the rest of the time
  • @Clyde_N_Dottie_Sell I was on Cymbalta and it worked the best! Until insurance wouldnt cover it and I had to come off of it pretty much cold turkey. Caused major depression issues, so please be careful of it if you have to come off of it.
  • @stacieparker hello you will need to see a rheumatologist!!

    I was battling with RA for 14 years, along with my RA I have Fibromyalgia. I was Enbrel, cymbalta, flexeril, and prednisone. I don't like taking prednisone due to the horrible long term reports I have heard about. My doctor has suggested I take Leflunomide to replace prednisone. December Last year i decided to look for permanent cure for both diseases, i saw so many reviews online about (Best Health Herbal Centre), so many people said they cure different kinds of deadly diseases including RA and Fibromyalgia.
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  • I think I've had fibromyalgia for many years but was diagnosed approximately 5 years ago. I was working at Walmart and was just exhausted. Not the tiredness that sleep helps. I mean totally exhausted, with muscle pain. My primary doctor diagnosed fibromyalgia. He prescribed Cymbalta around 4 years ago. Cymbalta was approved for Fibromyalgia treatment. Although it did relieve some of the pain, I still suffered from fatigue. November 2017 my doctor started me on Green House Herbal Clinic fibromyalgia Herbal mixture, 7 weeks into treatment I improved dramatically. At the end of the full treatment course, the disease is totally under control. No case of fatigue, muscle pain,mood swings, or nervousness. Visit Green House Herbal Clinic official website www. greenhouseherbalclinic .com. I am strong again and able to go about daily activities.‌ This Herbal Formula is Incredible!! My life is back.

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