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Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by chronic pain and a painful response to pressure, often in the fingers and hands.

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  • Doesn't it hurt you for someone to squeeze your leg or arm?
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    Was trying to understand the treatment of massage, when it hurts for my toy dachshund to walk across my legs.
  • TrishTrish Member
    I have everything.....Swelling, numbness, tingling in hands. Numbness, tingling and burning in the feet. Ghost bugs on the ankle and feet area, shoulders, arms. Difficulty swallowing. Memory glitches. Concentration glitches. Pain in the joints, muscles, shoulders, ribs, pelvis, knees, ankles, top and bottom of feet. Difficulty walking. Some jaw pain. Dry flaky skin, dry brittle nails and hair. Red cheeks. Red streaks remain after anywhere I scratch. Chapped lips, dry mouth. Brittle teeth. Goosebumps make me itch. This is my world every day......and it SUCKS.
  • LauraLaura Member
    Laura It hurts when someone was to grab my arm or leg almost as if i was bruised!
  • Trish, I can relate to you I as well have all of these symptoms. I also have knots under my skin, they are very tender if I bump them or rub them. Mostly in my legs and my back. They feel like bruises but they are lumps like a rope when I rub my hand down my upper leg. It does suck. I see a pain management doctor for it. He has me on Norco, morphine which is once a day but it is an release so it stays in my system for 24 hours. Also I take a muscle relaxed called flexaril and mobic for inflammation and trazadone at night to help me sleep. I am able to function through my day but my evenings are bad. I try to only take the pain medication in the morning and deal with alot of pain because I'm terrified of getting addicted to the pain pills. I am here for you if you ever need a friend. I'm on Facebook as well under Donna Hanley.
  • Donna - you may want to try some self massage with lavender scented lotion or oil (lavender has a calming effect). You can also do some trigger point/accupressure work yourself. There are many good books that can make it clear how to do these things properly. Using a heating pad (on low) applied to the knots may also help to loosen them up. How much water are you drinking? FM requires a LOT of water consumption (stop 1 hr before bed!). Also, have your doctor check your magnesium levels - low amounts will cause this. A warm bath with epsom salts works very well too. Are you sitting/stationary most of your day? If so, there are some gentle and discreet movements/stretches that you can do to help loosen the muscles...
  • Some recent studies suggest that disfunction in the hippocampus may be the cause of FM. . These studies have been successfully replicated in Egypt.
  • It seems that today, the 20/06/2014, doctors have found the real reason of fybromyalgia....

    After all those long years, that my life has been ruined for ever, I ask myself how long it will take before this information will convince all those stupid doctors and rhumatologists whom have 'doomed' me, by saying to them selves that my pain was not real and that only a psycho-therapy could help me.

    It is 17 years now, that I'm fighting against all those arrogant doctors, certainly those who get rid of me, because 'helping' me was too difficult. Because 'they wanted not loose their imago by helping me'...
    I have this rotten feeling, that the news about the reason of fibromyalgia comes too late.... Iit will take so much more time to convince THE WHOLE WORLD, and in particulary the FRENCH doctors whom are living a great life in (the south of) Franche, without computer, without interest at all in the evolution of diseases in general and fibromyalgia in particular. They are just interested in their glamorous holidays, in their beuatiful houses they where able to build with the money they earned from peoplie like me.

    Because WE lost everything, OUR jobs and OUR passions, OUR illusions and family life, OUR loves and OUR husbands, because we had to fight ALONE to stay up, day after day with all those hidden hours fighting against our 'imaginary' pain.
    I was young when the doctors doomed me to live a life in pain and I'm old now that the doctors found my pain is a real disease.
    Who will pay for all those lost years?
    Who will give me back my ability?
    Who will repair my stiff back and my fingers that can't play the piano no more?
    Who will give me back my social life that has been ruined because I had to hide myself?
    Who will heal my curved back and my curved fingers?

    Who will give me back my LIFE?

    I wonder...
  • Anyone think it could be caused by environmental exposure? I grew up in an area where we got the red dust from the Steel Mill when the wind blew from the south and the fallout from BF Goodrich when the wind blew from the East. We never had a chance...
  • Does it ever go away?

  • I've lived with pain for 16 years. I had RSV in 1998 and never recovered from it. The asthma has gone away unless I get into mold, or some chemicals. but no more nebulizer. and I no longer even have a rescue inhaler. Pain on the other hand lets me know I am alive, and haven't died in my sleep. I have come to terms with it. you have to decide what is worth doing. and what things can slide. You will lose a lot of friends, but the true friends will learn and understand. You will make many new friends. Your kids will miss out on you going to all the school events, you may have to change your job, or not work for a while. Learning what you can do before you "hit the wall" and can no longer go, is key. Learning what you can do and how long it takes to recover is another challenge. Going through what seems like endless prescription trials to find the meds that work for you can seem like it takes for ever. Finding a dr. that you can work with is the biggest step.
    Dealing with a spouse or SO is the next step. Some will start out being understanding. and eventually get sick of you saying you cant. if it comes to that be brutally honest with them, and explain in detail the pain and trouble you have. Then try to be patient when they tell you to see the dr. he must have a pill you can take. You need to get up and do something and you would feel better, you have to not sleep so much then you could sleep better at night. Unfortunatly non of those will work of you have Fibro.
    Working in a pool is excellent way to get in exercise. it is no impact. taking supplements and eating whole foods helps. My next thing will be going on a Polaeo diet.
    Often autoimmune diseases clump together. I also have RA and Hashimotoes Disease. Which means I have to work all that much more on eating healthy and taking supplements that will help. Learn all the time, as new and exciting things are just around the corner.
  • Reading all of these makes me want to cry. I was only recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Pain in my hips knees, ankles and feet wake me up a lot. I had a sleep study done and it showed I wake up at least 55 times a night. I don't want to take a bunch of medication to deal with this, but in reading the comments here it looks like I may not have much of a choice. I wish I knew a doctor that treated this disease as an actual disease and not a side affect of depression, or imaginary pain. I hurt all time; back, legs, neck and shoulders and I seem to be losing my memory. I choke on my food frequently. I am always tired. I am a business office manager and most of my work is on the computer, but typing all the time makes my wrists ache. I have a very hard time losing weight now and cannot seem to find the motivation to exercise. My son is getting married Aug 16 in an outdoor ceremony, but I am afraid that if I get overheated or stand in the sun my face will be so red people will think my head is about to explode!
  • I can relate to everyone here. How can we contact each other? Is there a chat or a mail here? Jackie and Donna as well as others if you would like to send me a private message on Facebook this is my address:
    Jackie, I have some suggestions in regards to your son's upcoming wedding, I have had a good wedding experience and a disappointing one, I know the fear you speak of. I was an Office Manager and Full Charge Bookkeeper making a very good living prior to the onset of FMS, I struggled for years and changed jobs many times in an effort to be able to continue to work. Eventually I was unable to work.
    I was married and had a very active social life, was a girl scout leader, homeroom mother, volunteer, had several large parties throughout the year and had friends to dinner several times a week. We went away nearly every weekend either camping or to visit our parents, I bought groceries, paid the bills, cleaned the house, did the laundry, planned extended family get togethers in the summer and at the holidays. Our marriage had its highs and lows, but once I became ill and could no longer 'do it all' I found out just how selfish the man I married was. He refused to give me massages that the physical therapist tried to show him how to do, instead of buying a hot tub (which was highly recommended and I had a prescription for so it would have been tax deductible) he decided to buy another motorcycle, in addition to the 2 he already had. He also bought snowmobiles and went hunting and fishing nearly every weekend and refused to spend any quality time with me at all. Looking back, he was always selfish, I just didn't recognise it.
    He had zero understanding and as most of you know, I had to hear all the, you sleep too much, its all in your head, you should exercise and he basically had no use for me once I couldn't juggle everything and let him continue to live out his teenage years. He asked for a divorce and at the time it was a surprise, well, about 18 months later everything came to light and he and one of my supposedly "best friends" were having an affair, despite her being married for 25 years with 3 children & we had been married for nearly 15 years. This was a couple that we vacationed with, spend a lot of time with, our children were great friends etc. and they were so selfish that they broke up two families. AND the thing that really took the proverbial cake is that she is an alcoholic and he was going to support meetings and support picnics and exposing our barely teenage child to this---and he couldn't give me a back massage! It did take a toll on me in everyway. I bought my own home in 2005 & our divorce was final in 2007. It took a long time to find me and there were times I didn't think I would survive the mental and physical pain of losing my two closest friends in one day. They even convinced the children that "everyone was getting a divorce anyway and they fell in love" they sold the kids their lies, told the kids, "it'll be so fun cuz now you'll be sisters" and even convinced my daughter that I was being "mean" to the woman... I told my daughter someday she would understand. She is now 22 years old and without me doing anything, maybe it's Karma, I don't know but they have shown their true colors. My daughter recently told me how sorry she was for not understanding my position and that she did now understand. Their selfishness has caused the once practically inseparable girls to have almost no relationship at all. It is so sad that people can be so manipulative and selfish BUT despite all this, now that I've lived alone for 9 years, I think I have found the new "me". I have dated, I haven't found the 'one' yet but I will be happy even if I don't. I have a great relationship with my children, my parents and my handful of true friends, I am up front with the men I date and whenever I date someone seriously I take them to visit my Doctor with me so he can tell them that I have a real illness, I'm not lazy, crazy or a drug addict!
    I had the weight problem as well but I have had some recent success. I am starting to see more happiness in my life, even though I'm having financial problems as well as dealing with the neverending symptoms. I chose to use my energy to have fun when I have the choice! I am struggling to find a happy medium with house cleaning and other chores but I'm confident I will find a comfortable answer.
    1-Love yourself
    2-Find a good Doctor, don't stop looking until you do
    3-Don't worry about getting "addicted" to pain pills, if you are genuinely in pain, you may have a certain dependency and tolerance, but that is NOT an addict! I've never used them to feel 'high' I am going to use whatever medication, therapy, food or exercise I feel helps me and I am way past what everyone else thinks! No one calls people who have to take insulin everyday an insulin addict---What about blood pressure meds? You can fix a lot of things, but YOU CANNOT FIX STUPID in other people.
    4-Realize that most family and friends really do mean well when they suggest a treatment or supplement or doctor they heard of, just find a way to say, "thank you, I will look that up."
    5-There are hypochondriacs, you are not one!
    6-Don't be afraid to ask for help ESPECIALLY when you notice that depression is getting worse~~just as others cannot see our physical pain, depression can be invisible too! There have been times when I have had to see a therapist, add a medication and struggle to get out of deep depression. PLEASE seek help, find a friend that you can be honest with, ask your doctor for help, call the National Suicide Hotline, the hospital and if it becomes overwhelming call 911. Depression can be a terminal illness resulting in death from suicide--DO NOT RISK IT! Many think that when someone commits suicide it is because they were too weak to deal with life, I have known too many people who have died from suicide and 100% are because the sufferers did not or could not get the help they so desperately needed. Whether it's physical pain, mental pain or a combination of both, please keep reaching out until you get the help you need because the pain does not end when the person dies, the pain is redistributed to every family member, friend, acquaintance and even strangers. I know this from being a family member, friend, acquaintance and community member.
    -Again, Love yourself and never lose hope!
    I hope my story helps someone and feel free to get a hold of me!
  • sherriesherrie New Life Outlook
    Hey all, I wanted to give you a heads up that we will be adding a full forum to this site very soon. Looking forward to giving you all a better chance to connect. :)
  • jbeltzjbeltz Member
    Does anyone have aching legs as a symptom of fibro. I have had this problem for a number of years off and on. My legs ache and throb from my hips to my feet making it very difficult to walk, but have been told this is not a fibro symptom. I am being treated by my Ortho Dr. at this time for herniated discs in L4 and L5 which is what my pain management doctor told me was the problem and gave me shots in my spine 3 years ago. I did get some relief but the symptoms would come back and then go away. I have been having these symptoms now for 4 weeks straight with no relief and nothing helps. Getting a new MRI next week, hopefully it will give me some answers. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  • I was finally diagnosed 3 years ago, I thought the all over pain was all in my head as did some of the people I worked with and maybe even my husband. I have 18 of the 18 hotspots and I have a wonderful doctor he is also a chiropractor. It was really hard to find a doctor who actually treats fibromyalgia patients. I go into his office once a month and I get injections of B12 and Lidicain wherever I hurt the most. He also prescribed a Butrans Pain Patch that I change every 7 days. To help relieve some of my pain I do water aerobics and believe it or not it works for me. I have restless leg syndrome and I take Pramipexole for that so I can sleep at night because nighttime is usually the time when my legs won't hold still and I get really restless. I just wish there were support groups for those of us who have fibromyalgia. I live in Washington State and I can't find any here.
  • @jbeltz Do your knees and ankles hurt as well ? i have all the hot spots and at night all my joints hurt cant sleep cause the pain is so bad
  • No, my pain is mostly in my muscles, not joints. Sure it's not arthritis?
  • @Trish ...mine is mostly in muscles and connective tissue. My knee will give out from sudden pain and there's nothing wrong with it. When all this started at least 20 years ago, my feet would hurt so much I had a hard time walking, then hands to where I couldn't reach in to my purse. Also elbow pain would shoot thru by just barely hitting it on a shopping cart. My shoulder was really bad and couldn't lift 2-3 yr old grand daughter so had her stand at the head of stairs and I'd go down a step or 2 and she'd climb in to my arms. I had to adjust many things in the years I took care of those 4, then started again with other daughter's kids...3 girls for 2 years while she died of cancer.....still do with 2 boys of our youngest daughter.... they're 10 and 12. I just can't do things with little ones anymore and I have a darling Grt grandson of 7 mo. It makes me sad. The little one I couldn't lift is his mom. Oh, how I'd love to take care of him. Our oldest son's 2nd son's baby girl is due now. Life goes on and I watch and just want to sleep. My mom, when she was my age of 70, was so much more active. The depression overwhelms me. I've had it since childhood but unknown. I take Cymbalta for that and Fibro. I can't find my life anymore, not to mention my memory in fibro fog. Oh, I'll do things if I have to but I just get thru them. No fun. Hubby is wonderful but he has Parkinson's!! What does the future hold? One day at a time. I have excess sleepiness in the morning from Nuerontin for hand numbness and pain. I'd take more if I could conquer the sleepiness. Can't remember who mentioned Restless Legs...but Nuerontin may be good for that. I was DX with Diabetes a year or so ago. I also sleep with a CPAP but that hasn't help with fatigue tho it's supposed to. All these things jump around in my body and it can be hard to know what causes what. I'm writing too much. I've already done so in other places here but don't know exactly where. I don't like repeating but end up doing so anyway. Bye for now
  • @Ithurtslikehell01
    That's what I kept asking my doctor for the first year, "will it ever go away?". It never goes away, some days are just a lot better than others. That's the way I choose to look at it. At first, I really thought I would wake up one day and it would be gone, just as it had appeared, but at a certain point you have to admit to yourself that "it" is here to stay and it's time to live your life anyway you can and make the best of the situation. So far, it hasn't seemed to get better, but most days are manageable with Tramadol and stress management. Best of luck to all of us!
  • Grandmama16, I have all the symptoms you have, when my Dr. Diagnosed me 7 yrs ago, I ask him what it was, and I told him I did not want that. Boy was I right, he told me he was so sorry and now I know why,
    .he said I also have chronic fatigue as you may also. This Is a day by day diease. Your cannot plan anything. I learned the hard way, I lost a friend because of it. People do not understand what it is like. When I meet someone new, I give them a letter what fibro is and if they still want to be my friend ok. So sorry for everyone, this is a life changing disease. God bless and gentle hugs to everyone. We have to except this and live our lives differently. Thanks to everyone for posting, it helps.
  • I was diagnosed 6yrs ago the pain sometimes is unbearable. my legs and feet are the worse it hurts when I walk or stand on my feet to long I hate this . I also get a burning feeliing in my legs shouulders a nd back on medication but it dosnt seem to help that much. and not sleeping don't help.
  • @Honoryourheart I was just put on tramadol.50 mg plus 100 mgs of trasadone at bedtime plus 800 mgs of motrine during day while at work but its not helping .how much tramadol are you taking if you don't mine my asking
  • @jbeltz my legs and feet are the worse for me sometimes I get burning feeling in my legs and feet also arms and back but yes it can affect your legs and feet good luck hope you can find a good
    Dr that treats this awful condition
  • @texascajun yes it hurts when you touch my legs and arms my husband forgets sometimes and he will give my leg a squess and it hurts
  • I have suffered with them everyday, every second for months. I cant have anything touch the back of my head. I cant even lay my head down on a pillow. I'm very depressed going through it. I have to get four shots in the back of my skull. Other than the shots, the only thing that helps are heavy pain pills like tramadol or sleep pills like trazadone or valum.
  • @New Life Outlook most of the time I can't stand the touch of the sheets on my toes! And my heels burn when they touch the bed so I sleep with my legs propped on pillows and a bed table turne on its side to keep the sheets over me but not touching my toes!!
  • I have been dealing with FM for over 20 years now and had a handle on my pain with a simple narcotic which I only had to take when a flare up occurred. I would take two vicodin at bedtime and by morning the pain would be either gone or at least manageable. A prescription of 60 pills lasted me eleven months so you see how few times I actually took it. Now my doctor is trying to tell me that narcotics don't work for fibro and won't prescribe it for me (he's a new doc) so I am back to over the counter stuff and flexeril!!! I don't like to take flexeril too often because it adversely affects my heart over time. Getting my hydrocodone back is what I want. It works for me! Why won't my doctor listen to me and realize that? It is a battle getting help with my pain and that just adds to my stress, adding to my pain. I just want to scream! He tried to tell me I needed antidepressants like Lyrica or Cymbalta because the problem was the pain receptors in my brain, not the nerves in my body! The fact is that they DON'T know what the problem is. I have been on anti depressants and they do not work for me. I am NOT depressed! I just have pain. I was recently diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer and a lot of the symptoms overlapped with the fibro. Since my surgery, a lot of the fatigue has gone and I am relatively pain free unless I have a flare up. I try to avoid triggers but sometimes a trigger comes up that I am not aware of and a flare up happens. Then my pain hits around an 8 or a 9 on the pain scale and I need my hydrocodone. I have morphine left over from my cancer but I don't like how I react to it so I can't take it. What are the magic words to convince my doc to return my hydrocodone to me???
  • @sherrie vry good you so nice
  • @Donnahanley07 oh boy, that's a lot of meds. I have been on several different medicines. I am off my anxiety pill (colanapasm sp???) because I found out it has been linked to early-onset Alzheimer's. Currently, I reducing down Lyrica to come off of it too; because I didn't like the side effects, afternoon when I felt drugged-up. I started with pain pill and muscle relaxer, so I know where you are. It's been 9 years now and I am finally getting a handle on things. I prefer to have pain meds and muscle relaxers available for flare ups, along with bed rest to manage the pain. I have found other things that help by trial and error. Somethings work for a while, then seem to not help as much and more. In the hot summer time, a cold shower helps. That's just one example. Pay attention to anything that makes you feel better, no matter how unconventional. But please do be aware of the pain meds, some people become addicted to them.
  • I go again..a new Dr...same tests..all over again...I have tried everything..n like someone had said below..the only relief I get is from a narcotic pain reliever..some of these non narcotics that they want you to take make you lyrica..I couldnt stand it made me feel so out if u had several drinks or smoked potent weed..I do not get any weird sensation from narcotic pain reliever..just relief if pain. I have read where when one truly has pain..there is no high from prescribed pain meds. I have had this for years..n now it has effected my relationship...n for some reason my legs are not effected. I have very strong legs..but from my neck down t my feet, besides the legs are highly effected
    .n now because I show no tenderness to ny legs..they are trying saying i dont have it..
    .its a no win situation n very much so...instead of meds..they say..go to a shrink..but if I take my pain meds..I'm they fight one in it..doesn't make sense t this I am now 54 going in 55..I don't care if I get addicted to pain meds..I just want to be haply n live a normal life..I dont want t keep getting tested..I just want n need relief so I can do my whole life has been rerouted n changed over this relationship suffers..there is no understanding from anyone except a fellow fibromyalgia much so..they should have a fibromyalgia date site..hahaha...seriously!!!
  • @Suncere
    I watched a youtube video about this. I remember it said something about the hippocampus showing up different in brain scans of patients with fibro and also something with the Thalamus and not creating dopamine because of the malfunctioning of these to glands in the brain. They suggested 4.5 mg naltrexone as a help for fibro patients. I have not tried that yet but will be seeing a neurologist soon and hope to see what she says my brain shows in those areas and if she would suggest the naltrexone or prescribe it for me to try.
  • hmm yep ive read this theory before.
  • BarbKBarbK Member
    What if.....just what if all of this miserable, unpredictable pain was the result of our diet??? I have had fibromyalgia for approx 20 yrs. Generalized aches/pain throughout the body with areas of "intensified" pain that move from one hot spot to another. The hot spot can persist for several months to yrs. intense pain in neck, shoulders, back, hips, back, feet.... anyway, I came across an article linking chronic candida(yeast) overgrowth to a list of diagnosis. Two of the dx were fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Go figure!!! While on birth control pills in my 20's and 30's I experienced this overgrowth. I requested that the rest be done and needed to go to a "specialty" clinic in order to have the test drawn. Several tests were drawn and only one came back positive....Chronic Yeast Overgrowth!!! No symptoms of such for 20+ yrs.....except for fibromyalgia! The "root" cause of my fibromyalgia was found‼️ I read one stat stating 3 out of 5 women have dealt with yeast overgrowth. I feel that ruling out this diagnosis is a "must" if a female is experiencing sx of fibromyalgia. Treatment is that of following a strict diet. Is it a challenge? Yes, BUT the pain I now experience is none to minor. Following the diet is made easy when the result is living and having a life again....good luck❣️
  • fibro for 27 years. weekly trigger point massage and 8 hours sleep every night for the last 14 years. something flares up and my massage therapist fixes it. no one would guess I have it and my suffering has ended for the most part.
  • Wonderful article, wasn't aware of the new studies done. Thank you for keeping us informed. At least now, we know for sure, our pain is real and not in our heads!
  • @texascajun yes and i think my cat weighs 100 lbs. when it walks on me. Hurts so bad. And just let someone poke me. Ouch!!!
  • @Donnyc I suffer as you do for 38 yrs and the older i get the worse it gets. Because of insane Trump my Dr. has to stop prescribing opiods, the only med that helps the pain at all and i have been through them all. I dont know what i will do. The pain is so bad and in my legs now too, which it never used to be. I am 71.

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