Who can tell me what vitamins I am deficent in?

Is there anyone who can help me with this?


  • sherriesherrie New Life Outlook
    Hi @parker, usually a nutritionist or chiropractor can run blood tests for you to see which vitamins you are deficient in and how much you should be supplementing with.
  • Sherrie Thank you for answers. They are so hard to find. I cant find a specialist where I am located . I live in Oklahoma can you help me with this?
  • sherriesherrie New Life Outlook
    No problem @parker! Perhaps these sites can help you? https://www.ratemds.com/doctors/?province=ok&country=us&specialty=chiropractor http://www.healthgrades.com/diet-nutrition-directory/ok-oklahoma I'm not super familiar with them, but they seem like a good place to start. :)
  • nikiniki Member
    I went to a Fibromalgia clinic they do in depth blood work and test you for everything, they took 32 viles of blood the first trip, they are out of pocket with insurance and very expensive but you will know a lot about yourself when they get through, they yest you for lupus Epstein Barr I can't of the name has slipped my fog mind but when you get bitten by s tick, all of these have the same sytoms, they test you for yeast over growth pairssites I can't remember all but they test you for things that my Dr. said he had never seen such in depth testing, they test your thyroid that many Drs don't test for, you just have to be rich to go there, I am not that's why I had to stop after one year.

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