Weather and Fibromyalgia

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Weather seems to be a common factor when it comes to a flare-up, and some people who suffer from the condition say weather is a big factor.

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  • Because "weather-related" flareups are considered "anecdotal" does not mean it does not exist and is not real. What it really means is that they (the scientists) have no way to test temperature, humidity or barometric pressure in relation to fibromyalgia pain in a "controlled laboratory setting". Why don't they just say this outright? Because scientists require "proof" and they have not yet figured out how to create an accurate test, either in creating the specific weather condition nor in measuring pain levels in according to a concrete scale that can be used by and on everyone.
  • I love the winter. I was brought up with 8 siblings, so you know we were
    sent outside quite a bit.( big smile ) the cold never bothered me.
    We were dressed warm, sometimes I was last one out, no mittens or
    gloves were in the box, so I would wear a old pair of socks.
    Anyhoot, now that I am in my early 60's, I cannot go outside anymore.
    My hands & fingers cripple, my legs throb, & I get shooting pains in my shoulders. No, I would never leave Massachusetts, nor my Patriots
    or Red Sox:-I usually sit up in bed, read or get on my Tablet. Especially in the morning. I am useless until at least noon, because I cannot move, get motivated, or care about anything going on.
    Please give me your comments.
  • @Suncere
    You are absolutely right. Doctors & Scientist have a long way way to go on I think) learning about our flareups. How bad are they???? I have not gotten one in a long time, but when I do, only few people understand them.
    That is when they just have to leave me alone, ( completely alone )
    They usually last about 6 days, maybe more. And ....that is no way to live.
  • TessTess Member
    Doctors can't correlate between severe weather and fibro flares? How 'bout I punch one of them in the nose and then tell them it doesn't hurt because I didn't leave a mark that they can examine... (Feeling a little feisty because I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that weather fluctuations have a huge impact on my mobility.)
  • We might need to get a group together and each in the group keep a diary. The diary would be the daily weather conditions, our symptoms. Do this (very time consuming I know) for a year. Then submit to a scientific fibromyalgia group to analyze the data. That is the only way it will be informative and educate them since everyone in the group be from various locations, various weather patterns, etc. I would start group myself to get data diary started but my dad has cancer and my life is full taking care of him, mom and special needs daughter. Why I stated the idea is I have a Bachelors in Social Science, and collecting data (information) like this is part of the scientific method used just for info. Info needed for data diary would be, weather conditions, barometric pressure, humidity, location etc. Then personal data would be your body, headaches, pain levels, stiffness, bowels, urination, allergies, mucus etc. This information would give an individual an idea of personal triggers, plus give many variables for scientists to study and come up with more information. Just a thought while I read the article.
  • @Tess I so agree!
  • For myself, both cold and extremely hot weather is bothersome. I experience pain every single day, to some degree...somewhere on my body. It likes to travel! I, like some of you, only have massive flare-ups occasionally. When I do experience them, they have me down anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. The last one put me in the hospital with a morphine drip...I could still feel the pain, it was that intense. I have to say that the cold is worse for me, though. I can't even describe the pain...but, I am sure that I don't have to, as I am sure all of you know exactly what I am talking about!
  • Weather definitely makes my pain physical and cognitive worse. Above 40 degrees and under 80 are my best temperature ranges. I've been desperate for it to warm up which it did today and My functioning level improved dramatically from yesterday's below freezing.
  • JamieJamie Member
    I live in Northeast Wisconsin so we have winter 9 months of the year. I suffer terribly in the cold and have seriously thought of moving. My niece( who also has fibro) vacationed in Florida and her symptoms improved greatly. Is anyone from Florida who can tell me if their fibro is better down there? I also have severe psoriasis and I know the warm weather and the sun would help that. Does anyone else have skin conditions similar to mine? New to fibro and just trying to figure stuff out.
  • I know that I hurt whenever the weather is changing. I live down south in Louisiana. My painis so bed at times I cannot get out of bed. And I thought i was going crazy for the longest time. My ex.even had me believing this. But I had wonderful friends and sister that all help me. I also suffer from sever back spasms and MS, and lost of vision in one eye. Never wrote to yall before. Just read alot of stories and its helped my see alot. Thank you all....
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @Pattieag Thanks so much for the kind words, Pattie :) You aren't alone!

  • I absolutely have an increase of pain/fatigue when the weather is stormy/rainy, etc.
  • When I was 13 and had migraines, they said they were not effected by weather or barometric changes either. I could predict rain and snow by how bad my headache was. Now they list it as a major factor in migraines. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that in the future they link it to Fibromyalgia too. I hurt much more when the temperature is cold. Warm or hot is much better for me.
  • I felt like I had written your article myself because what you described with the weather changes was spot on. I too live in TX but there was a period of time, due to my husband's job, we lived in a cold winter state for three years. I was in extreme pain each winter and no matter how warm we kept the house or how many clothes I wore inside, I felt like my muscles were ice cold and screaming in pain. In HOT TX summers I spend the majority of time inside the house with the air going.
    Thank you for this article as we fibromites need all the validation we can get.
  • @Pattieag concerning the weather changes...keep an eye on the barometric pressure! I am VERY sensitive to all things weather and I started noticing a couple of years ago that one of my big triggers was when the barometer would fall very quickly (which would like happen often in your neck of the woods).
  • @Jamie I too am horribly sensitive to the cold and I can tell you something many people don't think about. Coming from Southern Missouri/North Arkansas where 3 digit temps are not uncommon and humidity can be off the charts, you simply get to enjoy the rest of the year with artificial cold that's way worse on your body for some unknown reason. Every building you go into is different and you can't dress for it like you can cold to hot. Also, the temp extreme difference is worse because no matter how cold outside most people and businesses will keep the temp at a comfortable 75 ish range but turn the table and you will see some of them drop down to the high 60's! For me that means that in a matter of minutes, or yards, or even feet depending on the day, I can go from a spring in my step to hunched over like a 90 yr old needing my cane or even a wheelchair to get back to my car. I get Spring and a little, tiny bit of fall to enjoy...everything else is a crap-shoot. lol
  • I have been keeping track of flare-ups since April 2018. I live in ND. We have had an unusual amount of rain this summer. When I go back and take a look at my journal, most flare-up days are associated with the weather. Most of the time it is impending precipitation and falling barometer. So frustrating!!!! and depressing at times !!!

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