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imageFibromyalgia Rash

On top of the many other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, many sufferers also deal with fibromyalgia rash and other skin changes.

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  • My sin sensitivity is totally unseen. I itch like crazy on ankles, feet and sometimes hands. The Dr. Gave me a pres cream which helps a lot. I get the itching on ankles when clothes rub or just touch on them. It's hypersensitive reaction due to fibro. I've had a rash on my legs a few times that is totally little broken blood vessels, purple but NO itching. Very weird. Dr does not have an explanation. I also have diabetes which I only realized 2 years ago so it may have been that.
  • Grandmama16 - I too have major skin sensitivity and itch all the time - everywhere! I've recently started seeing these red blotches, and only recently discovered that they could be associated with Fibro. On top of that, I now have eczema on my arms, which was never a problem before Fibro came into my life. My body is always full of surprises!
  • I have been trying to find out what this rash that I had was.....It's raised itches and under the skin. Will be there one minute and not the next. It's on my wrist and top of feet... Doctors had no idea what it was. My questions are answered here.
  • I would itch untill I'm raw ..There is no rash that is seen, it is nerve endings. My Dr gave me gabapentin . And it had stopped the itching. I had to go to a dermatologist to finally figure this out. Creams would just agrivate it.
  • I do have lots of skin issues. I have psoriasis, which seems to take longer and longer to heal up having fibromyalgia. My back is always itchy as well as other parts of my body. I am 39 yrs old and it makes me hate the way I look and so I don't go out or try to date. Hate trying to explain things to someone new. I have just started taking Melatonin 1mg to help me sleep because all the meds the drs gave me made me so groggy the next morning. Now I am dealing with acne and sensitive skin on my face. Any ideas on products that I can use not only to help with the itchy face but the redness too?
  • I've had this for over 10 years. I always knew that people with fibro had skin issues , but every time I break out with a rash, I try to figure out what triggered it. Lol. Nothing, just me. It's annoying, but what can you do.
  • I was diagnosed in 2010. I have had a lot of weight gain because of the pain exerce ise causes and also some of the meds cause weight gain, lucky me. I have a rash that breaks out in many parts of my body and I itch all the time. One symptom I have is the feeling that a hot ice pick is being pushed into my ankles and knees. It hurts to be hugged, I feel like a big walking full body bruise. If anyone knows of anything that helps with the pain and itching please let me know what it is. One of my sons is also complaining of the same symptoms.
  • Back in 1998 I had many symptoms but no diagnosis. Then they started calling it fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. About four years ago I developed a mite problem. It comes and goes but the itching never went away. Sometimes when I scratch it looks like hives. I itch every where. I have scratched behind my knees and caves so hard I drew blood. I bought a bottle of after sun relief that contains lidocaine. I use that before I put on triple action gold bond powder. At night I use RX hydroxyzine hcl. It makes me really dried out by morning. I am glad to find out others have the itching problem. My last doctor never tried to find out why I itch. My new doctor is very supportive of info I look up on the Internet and show her. She really cares about my health.
  • diagnosed in 2008. with a little RA. Due to a spill I had getting out of a vehicle taking my terminal ill parents to their visits. going through a bad physically threatening divorce in 2010. then is when the fatigue was becoming unbearable....BUT it didn't dawn on me..... noticed I had to start writing things down, couldn't even remember 4 hrs before taking goody, etc. Post it notes helped greatly....Fiber fog has become more frequent, which I attribute to STRESS. I daily take care of an active 3 yr old grandson, sometimes 7 days straight, besides driving the weekend 4+ hours to help be with my Mom in Hospice (in final stages of Multiple Myeloma bone cancer.) Last week, trouble sleeping, sweating profusely, then woke up with bumpy rash like under both my arms... My daughter suggested it was maybe a new deodorant, no...My hands become so dry and knuckles splitting, which at first I attributed to washing my hands 100+ times (sort of a germ freak). since my divorce, lost my insurance & not quite old enough for SS. Always have used Herbal and vitamins so decided to just deal with it. But as other have commented, some days - so hard to move sometimes when I have to take the 3 yr old with me 630 in the morning to drive my other grand to his prior school 80 miles round trip.... You just want to get back, curl up & rest your bones, but it doesn't happen....And I know there are so many others worse off and thankful that my 2 children may not understand the deep pain, but sympathize with me walking slower.. (OH and for 2 years my left foot broke out with dry scaly cracks, tried several recommended lotions, BUT as I covered affected areas, lotion that touched healthy skin became irritated. then 2 weeks later its gone.... This was blowing my mind.... Thanks for allowing me to finally write this down.. still have ???
  • I began getting the mystery rashes on my arms & later my chest, especially with the first few sun exposures of the year. After about 6 years of suffering with the itching, pinching, burning, pain & the subsequent scarring the rash left, a nurse practitioner had me try prednisone 20mg for the rash. It was gone in a few days. Whenever it would return, if I took the prednisone right away, it would stop its progression & clear it up in a few days. I have a standing prescription for it for whenever I need it.
  • Sometimes the itching drives me absolutely crazy. Not exactly a rash but I get little sores on my legs that never seem to heal. And, the redness? My daughter asked me why my face, hands and arms are so red. I told her that the doctors just ignore it because they don't know. Are there any answers to any of this? I'm sure there has to be.
  • TrishTrish Member
    I have all of it, including hair loss, facial hair, blotched skin, brittle teeth, dry skin, red faced, brittle thin grooved nails, ghost bugs, itchy skin, red water filled blisters that open easily and don't heal quickly. Dry Mouth, sensitive to smells, loud noises, crowded rooms, bright lights... tight muscles, fatty tumors. Numbing in the fingers and hands, feet and/or legs. Fatigue, anxiousness, insomnia.........
  • I have the rash all over my arms , it feels like sandpaper . I have tried everything to get rid of it nothing helps .It has left scars all over , they look like tiny little blisters .
  • I also have Rosacea as well as Fibro so sometimes it's hard to tell which one is causing my rashes. Lately they have been coming on more and more. The itching is so frustrating and while steroids help some, a lot of times I just end up with a reaction to them and the rash & itching get worse. My face is always bright red it use to come and go, but now it's permanent which I can handle that. It's the acne and rashes on my face that are unbearable. Some day's I just want to hide in the house and those day's are starting to outweigh the good days. I can no longer use soap or anything on my face without breaking out more. I also can not take even a mildly hot shower or bath without feeling like thousands of piercing needles are being put into my body at once.
  • I have patches of dry flakey skin on my face, it peels off similar to how sunburn does only it is not sunburn. It is like my eyebrows have dandruff. Nothing so far has made Zny difference. My son told me it is. Food reaction, to animal proteins, carbohydrates, gluten nightshade veg.
  • I've been getting itchy and flaky/scaly on the skin around my mouth (also peels like a sunburn). My lips even get slightly swollen. This is like the 3rd time with in a couple of months that I've gotten it. My diet, meds, cosmetics have all been the same. I've tried lotion, sunscreen, and lip balm and it'll get better, heal and within a few weeks come back... sometimes by my eyebrows I get the same flakiness.
  • I get really dry on my legs (no matter how much lotion I use) and they too itch like crazy especially at night. I find if I use a hyrocort lotion on them the itching will die down for awhile.@artist26 @Mckimbacat
  • I too have had a rash on my calves for a few years now. I also get flaky/scaly skin around my mouth, nose and eyes and it peels or I peel it off. It happens every single month, I wonder if it has anything to do with my menstrual cycle. I have also have seen other people with fibro post about it too. Maybe, its related.
  • kwraggkwragg Member
    Recently diagnosed and terrified. Feels like my life is spinning out of control. Afraid to tell people too much how awful I feel, I think they will think I'm nuts. Finding it harder and harder to keep up with my life. Don't think my family and friends will understand what I'm up against. Im such a doer usually can't stand not being able to do what I usually do. Been prescribed gabapentin which so far is useless, tramadol give pain relief but too much makes me loopy. Just been told to double my dosage on the gabapentin but it makes me so tired. Im so scared.
  • @Irish23
    I know just how you feel, Irish! I hate looking in the mirror at the same sores I have had since 2011?!! I have gone to so many Dermatogists all around my state, I have lost count of how many doctors I have seen. It is frustrating to drive 3 or 5 hours to see another skin doctor and you sit in a examination room, with the doctor sitting at least 6 feet away from you while you are trying to describe scabbing that never heals, sores that have thick hairs growing out of the scabbing....large areas were the skin is hard and thick, with at least 6 white pimples under the top layer of skin that finally work there way out leaving a small hole that sometime scabs over or starts forming another hard pimple! After all is said, leaving a huge question Mark hanging in the space between you and the doctor, and he or she remains seated several feet away from you, never bothering to get close and examines your sores and skin! I cannot tell you how many doctors accuse me of "Cutting" myself or picking and scratching my skin! I can hardly wash my skin it is so painful, let alone pick at it? Some of the doctors give me the same samples I have been given by the doctor I had seen before, and sometimes I walk out of there with nothing! No samples, prescriptions or advice or answers. I feel so ugly and I do not leave my home at all now, only to try another Dermatogists. I am so unhappy and the pain of all the sores above my skin, and ones that are still buried under my skin has now joined the long list of severe pain I have since I developed Fibro, plus CFS;( Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) 25 years ago, which Mayo Clinic diagnosed. I never had acne or even one pimple, until 2011. I used to have a beautiful complexion and was always complemented on my clear skin. Now I hide from friends and family that are not even there for me. My marriage of 33 years ended because I was no longer the happy helpful wife anymore. My children have turned their backs on me, I am not allowed to see my grandchildren. My Family thinks I am "faking" this illness, and now I am facings becoming Homeless and live in constant Fear and loneliness. I am completely alone in this world of Pain. So it is very hard for me to see the Sunshine or Stay Positive...I Pray Every minute of ALL My Days for a Miracle or Acceptance and All I Have Received is Emptiness and Abandoned. Have You found any answers to ALL the "Why's" your skin is becoming such a Painful problem? LynieAlone

  • I have had hives for several years now. The hives started years after the fibro, so, in typical fashion, I spent considerable money and time going seeking a cause and a cure. Now I am seeing articles like this one This a very unfortunate symptom. I miss work when my whole face swells up!!!
  • @MissJudiann Yes, when it because so severe that I cannot work, I get a packet of Prednisone (oral). It works, but as you all probably know, it weakens the bones if taken too much.
  • my rash is more so on my upper and lower arms, sometimes on my upper back by base of neck,chin and cheeks. It appears more like itchy area that bumps and turns into small circular ulcers. that do not seem to heal. the come and go and seem to be in the same area.I wish I could find a way to heal and get rid of I feel embarrassed of my arms when I wear summer wear.
  • i have palmer pustular psoriasis i take humira for but now have patches in the webbing of my hands and toes to the point i rub my skin off and then those hairs from many cortisone shots above my lip that i try so hard to get out that i leave wounds that i constantly pick at which i have done since i wS 6 yrs old. i was an abused child in every way you can imagine. my fibro was diagnosed after going thru ivf for my sweet 5 yr old daughter. i can no longer work after having a break down and being diagnosed with ptsd either. i avoid any and all situations if i can push them off on my husband which is killing me slowly, i have wounds on my butt and some on my legs i was told are a staph infection then told herpes simplex which came out due to my low immunity and i have had it since birth umm great the wounds are 2 yrs old they burn they itch and i pick at them due to stress i feel like i am a burdento my husband and small daughter and that i am a poor role model for her being tired sleeping 12 to 15 hours a day
  • oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I have that! My doctor diagnosed it as venous stasis dermatitis. It's sensitive, itchy and can be bright red in my lower legs. I have thought I was bordering on being a hypochondriac when I kept going back to him. He has since told me I had too many physical problems and to find an internist who would be more suitable than a general practice doctor. I am taking Lyrica 3 x a day and it has eased the discomfort of my fibromyalgia this rash never completely goes away. Thank you so much for wonderful information. I am not crazy after all!
  • Hello everyone! I have notice that I get the rash when I'm expose to sun light. It's very itchy and can last for weeks. I do apply sunscreen lotion usually 70 or 100 but still get a red tan and my family always makes a comment about it since they cant believe that after using sunscreen it still gets that bad. Maybe this will help some of you to keep an eye of your skin after sun exposure to see if in fact the sun is the cause of the rash.
  • I get an invisible rash....itching on ankles, feet and hands....sometimes really intense andcan happen any. time especially if pant bottoms brush across my ankles. I have a pres creme that helps. Gabapentin was supposed to but didn't. A couple of times years ago when I had walked around a fun park too much, I sat down and noticed big purple blotches on my legs but they didn't itch. I. went to my Drs clinic and saw a PA and didn't have a clue but gave me samples of creme that didn't do. a thing. Told the Dr at my reg appt and to both of us it looked like tiny burst blood vessels in groups. It may be from the sun...I'm not in it much....but now that I Think of it, I have low Vit D. Could it have been due to that? Hasn't happened in awhile. Strange things happen with Fibro.
  • ElizEliz Member
    I discovered that many of my itching and skin issues were due to yeast overgrowth. Probiotics and daily spoonful of red cider vinegar have helped me some. And avoiding yeast-based vitamin formulas.
  • @Tigger_No_More1....Not only that, but it also leads to increased susceptibility to illnesses.,,by weakening your immune system.
  • I have eczema on my leg and feet for which I have sought medical attention. I have tried a few prescription medications but had negative results. Then i shared my problem with my friend linda she told me about foderma serum and I read some positive feedback for foderma and thought I'd give it a try. In just a few days I had relief, the itching is almost gone and my skin color is back to normal. I highly recommend foderma.
  • JusticeSeekerJusticeSeeker Member
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    I suffer from Sjogren's Syndrome, Hashimoto's Thyroid, Epstein Barr (recurring mononucleosis), as well as fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders. I started taking 400 mg of magnesium for a newly diagnosed neuro issue called "myoclonus". The magnesium not only slowed down the neuro spasms but also cut out completely any muscular pain from the fibro. I didn't notice at first until one day I thought, WOW, I am not hurting anywhere near the way I usually do.
    I am curious as to if any of you have ever been tested for any autoimmune disorders? For YEARS, I complained about extreme fatigue. Because of the fatigue I complained about, they would test my TSH and it always came back in the "normal" range. After years of misery, I finally got a doc to do an "ANA" blood test. She ran it and it came back as Hasimoto's. AT first the fibromyalgia went away as I got stabilized on levothyroxine. Unfortunately, the relief stopped and when the fibro came back it came back with a vengeance. I started LOTS of research and found out that so often whey you have one autoimmune disorder you are susceptible to others. That is when I went back to the doc and asked that we do blood work to determine different vitamin and mineral levels as well as a panel of other autoimmune checks. Long story short, I have ALL of the above and am still undergoing tests for the multiple problems that are being caused by all of this, MRI, brain scans, skin punch biopsy (for small fiber neuropathy, currently waiting for results), lip biopsy (only way to truly confirm the Sjogren's Syndrome) and gastrointestinal scopes (I now have autoimmune related IBS). I get the occasional rash on my forearms (which, incidentally can be a symptom of Lupus as well as Sjogren’s) but it's not one of my more severe problems so no dermatologist yet.
    When I first got going on my thyroid meds my fibro went away. I remember thinking, WOW, the thyroid is definitely related. I went to see a holistic doc for an opinion and he told me that he doesn't believe that Fibromyalgia is a disorder as much as it's a group of symptoms caused by other undiagnosed disorders. I have to say at this point that I BELIEVE that is true! AS time went on and I had a lot of personal stressors in my life, the fibro came back. I had my free T3 and T4 (thyroid) checked but they were fine as well as the TSH always being in the “normal” range. As I became more and more miserable with MULTIPLE symptoms I finally got a doc to run more autoimmune tests. That is how I found out about all the others.
    I cannot stress enough to have yourself checked for autoimmune disorders. The symptoms of most of them are the same as for Fibromyalgia. Most docs have not put this all together because they don't know much about autoimmunity. They focus on diabetes and most think that because your TSH is "normal" according to the lab report that you are fine as far as the thyroid goes.
    Here’s a bit of trivia I discovered while researching… decades ago the medical community took 100 people and tested their TSH levels. They then did an average of those results and that’s how the came up with the laboratory “normal” range. HOW did they know if those 100 had healthy levels?! Isn’t that just nuts?!
    Sjogren’s can affect the skin as it’s an exocrine problem. I could go on and on about autoimmunity but I will leave it to all of you to do some research. A lot of docs will treat you like you are a hypochondriac but don’t give up! Doctors are like shoes. If one doesn’t fit right and only causes you pain, go shopping for a replacement.

  • @Laurie1203 read my comment above... I hope it helps!
  • lucaslucas Member
    I've had upper, middle and lower back pain all of my adult life. The fatigue started 10 years ago and then came what felt like 2 broken feet. Numerous blood tests and doctor visits later, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I think the stabbing pains are the worst, the fact that my feet still hurt was the most depressing.
    I started using fibromyalgia herbal remedy i purchased from Best Health Herbal Centre february this year. I only used it for a month and two weeks, my condition changed automatically, all my symptoms are gone. Am now living fibromyalgia free.
    All thank to Best Health Herbal Centre, i will never stop telling the world about your good work.....To know more about Best Health Herbal Centre visit w ww .besthealthherbalcentre. com. Thanks..
  • @lucas whaat is it your using I go to a homeopathic store maybe they would have what you use.

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