COMMUNITY QUESTION: Kidney infections with fibromyalgia?

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Felicia asks: 'Does anyone else get frequent Kidney infections? I have one and the area on which my kidney is, my skin is bruised.' Thanks all!


  • Hi, I have heard from a few people that they had frequent kidney/bladder infections and/ or some times small skin pimples that quickly became boils. They all eliminated wheat and walla no more infections. One for sure also elemenated ibs. Always worth a try. Hope u find a solution.
  • Fibro affects all mucosa tissue and makes bladder infections an increased possibility. L-lysine for mouth sores and try not to get angry. Cranberry juice to help keep bacteria from sticking to bladder walls and traveling to kidneys.
  • A_JOA_JO Member
    I think the kidney infections/issues are from medications we are giving and or the fact many people with fibromyalgia also develop some type of Auto immune issue's. Lack of awareness when a person has an auto immune, can cause kidney issues and many other things. We have to do the research on the medications doctors hand out because it could very well be what you take to become better is making you worse.
    I didn't worry about side effects of medications until I made the connection of I felt worse with meds, why? Made me start researching and found out why. I am now and have been medication free for over a year. I went the natural route and had so much success in a short time, meds are not right for me.

    I went to the doctor to get better. Doctor was making money, while I was going broke in all aspects. Something was not right with that picture. So I changed it, was not easier but less difficult than I thought it would be. Now today, I can say tomorrow I have plans I will keep.
  • I dont have any professional advice, but as a fellow Fibro sufferer, I too have had an unusually high amount of kidney & bladder infections in the past couple of years. So the fact that you brought this to light helps explain probably why. I have had more in the past year than my entire life. Figures huh? Another issue.
  • Thanks for this forum for advice and support.
    So many opinions.
    So many doctor appointments.
    So many years of trying different methods...
    Years in pain... gone by.

  • Yes, I have had problems with my bladder. I was diagnosed with cystitis many years ago. But, I never thought about it possibly being part of fibromyalgia. It is something to consider though!
  • I to have recently had several UTI/bladder infections this past year and we've (my doctor and I) have not found an actual cause for the infections. They seem to be getting more severe with regards to pain and my having to take two doses of antibiotics to get rid of infections. Not fun
  • I always keep cranberry sugar free in also I realized some days I don't seem to urinate so I have to keep that in mind and remember to take my bottle water around with me.always check if urine is getting dark get on cranberry juice and extra water.good luck
  • I was diagnosed with IC several years ago. I have been careful with my diet and what I drink because of the frequency of infections. In January I was in the hospital for 5 days because of a life threatening and antibiotic resistant kidney infection. Fever over 103 for 4 days straight, I thought fibro was bad until that fever hit and I truly didn't know if I would survive. Agree with everyone else except I take cranberry pills instead of drinking the juice because I also have an ulcer that the juice irritates.

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