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Kathy asks: 'Does anyone else have a chronically swollen tongue?'


  • I have not had a swollen tongue but i used to have a burning toung. B-100 complex corrected the problem. Worth a try, gives a lot of energy too.
  • Is your tongue very red? Do you have itching. A red beefy tongs a symptom
  • Red beefy tongue is a symptom of pernicious anemia.
  • KckKck Member
    I have one all the time. Hurts at times. The dr thought it was thrush from my inhaler but the medicine doesn't seem to work.
  • Is it dark red? You say xwollen is it pajnful also? Have you ever been diagnosed with anemia? I would mention it to my doctor.
  • I have a terrible time with my tongue. I had thrush for 6 weeks before I finally did a self diagnosis. When first started hurting I told my doctor, he said put up with it or he could take me off your sleep meds. In other words quit complaining. He didn't even look at my tongue. At the end of six weeks I couldn't taste anything and I had trouble speaking. It has now cleared up but by early evening everyday it is swollen and feels like I have sores. I would love to know how to prevent it. Is it a fibro symptom?
    P.S. I also self diagnosed that my thrush came from an over growth of yeast (sugar).
  • I will get a swollen tongue when I eat food or dinks I am sensitive to. I.e.; red dyes, corn syrup, too many artificial anything. It also can come with mouth sores and ulcers. You would think I would learn to pass by the temptation, but I do not learn.
  • you symptoms actually have a medical diagnosis. "burning tongue syndrome". I notice I get it when stressed, eat junk food or too much coke. the best thing is Vitamin B12. You cannot take too much and there are dissolving tablets available on Amazon. 5000 mg. take up to 5 a day and it should clear it up soon. It is very very painful and it took me a dentist to finally diagnose what it was. they claim it is neurological which makes sense.
  • @AlyssaWinegarden Actually, I did have a very troubling experience with this about 11 years ago. My tongue would rub against my teeth and get sores. I also noticed a crease in the middle of my tongue. Looking farther back, I could see a whitish coating like cottage cheese. Turned out to be a fungal (yeast) infection that women usually experience vaginally. The worst part of it was, this yeast has a name Candida Albicans. I did a lot of internet searches which said that people with auto-immune disorders are susceptible to this kind of outbreak. Needless to say, I was horrified. The condition spread down my esophagus making it hard to swallow. I had an endoscopy. The doctor said it was very treatable with a prescription, and was nothing to worry about. It did go away for awhile, but would come back after a month or so. That's when I started looking into natural remedies and what was causing it. Sugar. I was not overweight, and ate a reasonably healthy diet, so I couldn't understand why my sugar consumption could have been a problem. I'm not sure, am not an expert, but I believe that fibromyalgia is an auto-immune disorder. I now treat any outbreaks with natural medicines available in most pharmacies or natural food aisles. They are easy to find, Candida Support, Candida Clense, etc. I stay away from sugar. I use stevia liquid drops to sweeten my coffee. I joked with the gastroenterologist saying, "Oh I see, it has a whole new meaning when I say that I'm sick of myself". But it hurt inside because my name means a lot to me. My father gave me that name in remembrance of his father, Candido, who passed long before I was born.
  • @Ycequeen see my response below. Thrush is the common name for the fungal infection in the mouth, throat.
  • lietteliette Member
    edited July 2016
    I have also had problems with my tongue, but my biggest problem with my mouth is burning and peeling lips. Has anyone else had this problem? Help please...
  • @AlyssaWinegarden
    I do. I thought I was crazy. I'm always biting it or I wake up and I've chewed on it. Thank you for sharing and letting me know I'm not alone.
  • Thanks for all your responses. I found taking sugar out of my diet has helped. After reading your responses, I am done with sugar. It sure does make sense that this fibromyalgia could be an autoimmune disorder.
  • i just started having swelling in my tongue a few weeks ago. there's always something new and different to deal with. every day is an adventure.
  • @jsusan1773 Me too. I realise it is swollen when I bite it. Looking it is paler than usual. A Consultant thought i was allergic to something but he couldn't figure out quite what as nothing really correlated. In the end he said not to use meds that dissolve under the tongue as this would certainly irritate. i just put up with it.
  • @AlyssaWinegarden I have had it twice recently my doctor and I think it is from eating acidic food. Pickles olives etc.
  • I have pain on the sides of my tongue. very painful, but can't see anything. sometimes the side on the back is red and maybe swollen areas, but when I show it to any Dr. they don't notice much, just the redness.

  • sometimes I have a swollen tongue and it causes be to bite it in the night
  • ktkat75ktkat75 Member
    I'm so happy to see all of your stories on this. I've been having pain, little sores and diminished tasting ability. But the worst is I can't tolerate spice food any more. I loved spicy now to much black pepper is to much.

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