Fibromyalgia and Bruising

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Fibromyalgia article: Fibromyalgia and BruisingFibromyalgia and Bruising

Many people with fibro bruise easily – often they're not even sure how a bruise happened. Starla shares her thoughts and tips on fibromyalgia and bruising.

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  • I've started getting weird bruising on the insides of my thighs of all places.
  • I didn't know that my fibro could be causing all my bruises. I'm 42 and get a lot on my legs, it's very depressing. My legs look like they are 60 at time with all the blue and purple bruises going on. I don't know what to wear in the summer it's way to hot for pants so easier to stay home.
  • @weewan03 I get them there as we as all over my legs. It stinks doesn't girl? If that is the only place you are getting them in a small way you are blessed sweetheart...
  • I bruise easily and I always feel like I have bruises all over my body even if I actually don't. when people come up to me and grab my arms or try to hug me I have to push away. If I don't, the pain will last for hours
  • I am so glad you wrote this as I can remember going to the doctor telling him about my persistent bruising. Blood work was fine so no explanation until now. Thank you.
  • I would like to see an article concerning women with fibromyalgia and loss of sex drive. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • Hello everyone my name is Tina and I have FM for year since 2001 and I have other problem my back and two knee have a herniated discs in back low back l4 l5 and have a inside tear in right leg with a lump inside and in pain everyday now I been disable since I got to pasta myself with my chores can't do a lot now my right arm acting up when I lift it and owlbow in pain yes I turn black and blue to it I hit myself take awhile to leave can do stress with life at time can't sleep at all at night but I learn how much I can do right now its hit my arm and neck .I just don't want to feel alone with this I see a lot of doctor and twice a week see for the mine and family to was in pain management for 9 year didn't work can't do lane work out got to go in pool it make it better feel better but I can't carry thing something's but I pray a lot to the lord everyday for help and faith with my life.I stay away family everyday problems take a day at a time bless all who has this before I leave problem with holding going to the bathroom too. But want to say I feel for all with this sickness.
  • I also bruise easily. I was reading also about a rash. I woke up with my lips swollen scaly and itchy. at first I thought it was just chapped lips, but this burns and itches and its scaly and my lips are actually a little swollen. I don't think it's an allergy, as I have not had anything new. Now I'm starting to think maybe it could be the fibro. has anybody else had this? I've also had a headache that is centered on my left temple. My temple was actually very tender to the touch. This lasted for over a week. It's finally down to a very dull roar.
  • I have been dignoised with FM every place you can have it. I would like to know if this causes constant yawning. I do not sleep, tired all the time.
  • I was told I had FM for 15 years plus, and please don't not let people tell you you do not hurt, the pain is real
  • @charlie1 I have the same problem. I pace my house all night and am tired all the time. I also have a full time job and I find myself not doing the best at what I do anymore. Doctors don't seem to understand.
  • @charlie1 I thought I was the only one who yawned ALL the time. I guess it's from the fatigue.
  • @tinaodrain68 Bless you and thank you for sharing your story. I fully identify with everything you said. I'm on 48 and I feel worthless sometimes when I see older people wiping by me me and I stuck. The water therapy does help but I'm worn out after.
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    Thank you for this and enlightening information! I was beginning to think I was going crazy because I’m so black and blue!
  • I thought it was because Relafen. Most of the time I don't notice them until dressing. The pain in my ligaments are worse.

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