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  • A_JO
    We all come to a point, we accept illness, we lost hope & don't know how or what to do. We accept being sick, feeling sucked into a illness that only seems to get worse not better. What got me to change, I found away to eliminate chronic fatigue. Once I did I knew anything was possible. Awake all day but in so much pain, I had toSTOP THE PAIN . I studied, researched, I spent money on ways to rid this pain and discomfort. It took time, more than I wanted but when the outcome was so great, it was worth every passing month I had wished to be in no pain. I have been chronic fatigue free since July 2014 & since that time I have researched & studied beyond the norm to find out how to be pain free. The better part of 8 months now, I have been free from pain & discomfort. For a limited time I am sharing how I did this. Some people doubt me, but many more support me & I know what's true & real. Today I can say tomorrow I will go out, I will do what ever I planned on doing.
    July 2016
  • A_JO
    Everyday I meet people who suffer with fibromyalgia, c.f.s. and chronic pain. In less than 60 days you can turn it all around.
    visit my site & see how you can change your life, or join me on facebook. It's not a treatment it's a cure.
    July 2016
  • A_JO
    It's about changing the way you think, changing the way you live your life. I'm not saying to change extreme things, but things must change and if your not ready no one can force you to get better. I couldn't continue to live in this illness. Parts of my family did not care, but the parts that mattered did care enough to support me. The changes you make are within yourself. It's the only way because if you don't want to get better you wont, but it will on;y get worse. The longer I stayed in pain, in bed , in depression, the worse I got.
    July 2016
  • A_JO
    I have been researching/studing fibromyalgia along with cfs, chronic pain, etc. What I have not only learned but experienced as well, getting these illness is not a choice, definitely don't ask for it. I have also learned although it's not all in the mind, once you change you mind set & your life style the possibilities are endless. Many people that don't understand what you go through with fibro, can't & never will unless they experience it. With fibro once you accept it, meaning you give in to it. The depression takes you and hopelessness because a deep mind set, your ability to fight it goes right out the window. It is not all in your mind. However, your mind set contributes to the sickness.

    I'm sure if anyone with fibro is reading this your thoughts are I don't understand. Your wrong, for years I suffered from fibro, cfs, chronic pain, 2 herniated disc back, nerve pain, arthritis, knees, the list goes on. I know very well how "LOVED ONES" treat you when you are ill with fibro.
    July 2016

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