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  • Chaskaroxy
    Hi sorry to hear that you lost your mother and started the horrible journey of fibromyalgia. I developed mine after a 5 1/2 horribly abusive relationship with my now ex-husband. And I know how people look at you using a scooter. I used a scooter to go anywhere more than a couple blocks. Because beside my fibromyalgia I was hit by a car while walking back in 2007 and it destroyed my left leg. The main bone was shattered and after two MAJOR MAJOR SURGERIES it is still screwed up and I am in excruciating pain from that plus the pain from fibromyalgia. I REFUSE to take ANY narcotics whatsoever. They try and push them on me but I have enough problems without becoming a prescription junkie so NO THANK YOU to that. I take neurotin 600mg three times a day and flexeril 10 three times a day. It helps but I am still in pain all the time. The thing it does is take away enough of the pain that I can cope and not feel like I did before treatment and that was dying. Hope you are ok.
    October 2014

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