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  • weewan03
    Steph, You're right it does stink and you are right as well about being blessed that I mostly only bruise on my inner thighs. I was really just wondering if others were experiencing the same kind of thing. I've had fibro, chronic fatigue, and costochrondritis for 20 years and the past couple of months have been the worst in quite a while. I've had about a day & a half without a headache in the last 2 weeks. Every time a front moves through it feels like a weight is settling on my body. Sometimes the hardest part is not having someone to talk to that understands the daily struggle to just maintain some semblance of a life when all I want to do is just take as much pain med as I can find and crawl back into bed. But enough about my lovely life, how are you today? I hope that the rest of your day goes well.
    January 2015

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