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    I'm trying to get disability. But, was not officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia till many, many years after I first had symptoms!! Mine started in 1981, when my 2nd daughter was just 1. Went to many docs, including a rheumatologist, and they all just said, unexplained joint pain and take aspirin and deal with it!! How can I get it back dated to be able to get disability? I have tried to work through out the years, I have had to learn how to PUSH through and just do it anyway! I've had NO choice! But, I'm 60 now and I just can't push like I use to! I still have to take care of my mother in law, hubby, 2 cats and a dog! When I filed with SS I was told I didn't have enough credits since my disability didn't go back as far as 2010! Who can advise me?? I hate to get a lawyer, seem like it takes even longer then!! Any suggestions out there?? Someone PLEASE help me!!
    January 2018

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