Driving Tips for Fibromyalgia Patients

Heather 'FibroFightingBarbie'Heather 'FibroFightingBarbie'
Jul 7, 2017

Driving with fibromyalgia can be stressful and painful. You may be wondering, is there is a way to ease your symptoms during those short or long driving trips?

To answer your question — yes, there are things you can do to help.

Driving Tips to Help Ease Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Keep Sunglasses in Your Car

If you are sensitive to light, it’s possible that the sun might give you a migraine. By wearing sunglasses, you can reduce your eye sensitivity to the light quickly, and avoid having a migraine.

It’s always an excellent idea to carry a few pairs of sunglasses in your car, purse or glove box, in case you accidentally leave a pair in your house or at a friend’s house.

Leave Sweatshirts and Sweaters in the Car

The dilemma many fibromyalgia patients feel is sensitivity to temperatures.

When you’re feeling cold, it’s a good idea to wear a sweatshirt or a sweater in the car to help ease your temperature sensitivity.

Adding a Touch of Lavender

Skip the artificial car fresheners and use essential oils to fragrance things.

Using lavender oil in your vehicle can help soothe away any stress you’re feeling, especially when you’re driving far and in pain.

Sit on a Pillow

Using a pillow to sit on can help your body when it’s aching all over.

There are all different kinds of pillows you can buy for your car, especially for commuting and driving.

An Anti-Stress Comforting Wrap

Anti-stress comforting wraps are one of the best ways to relieve muscle pain or body pains, and you can use it hot or cold.

Heather suggests that you put one in the microwave and then put it around your neck on the drive home. It can help relieve a lot of the tension and stress in your neck muscles.

Use an Ointment

Using a muscle rub cream lotion can help ease your pain. Take a small amount, the size of a nickel, and massage it in the desired area for 30 seconds.

Keep a Snack and Water in the Car

It’s important to have a bottle of water and a snack in the car in case you need to take your pain medication if you’re on the road.

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