How to Create a Fibromyalgia Safe Haven

Jennifer HerreraJennifer Herrera
Jul 21, 2017

If you are spending a large portion of your time at home, it’s important to create a relaxing, safe and fibro-friendly home that will be beneficial to you. 

Fibromyalgia havens can help reduce stress, pain, minimize triggers and pitfalls.

Making Your Home a Fibro-Friendly Safe Haven

Follow these eight tips to make your home a fibro-friendly home.

1. Add Flowers to Your Environment

You can set the tone for a calm and relax home by adding flowers. They are incredibly soothing, both visually and aromatically.

2. Keep Things Organized

It’s important to keep this organized in your home. Sometimes it’s a good idea to start with the kitchen, the bathroom or your bedroom to know exactly where everything goes, and everything is.

3. Well Lit Rooms

Keep rooms well lit by opening the shades or blinds. Light can do wonders to one’s spirit, mood, and mind. Lastly, a well-lit home is a safe home.

4. Remove the Clutter

Clutter is distracting and immediately instills a sense of chaos and disorderliness. Start with one room at a time, and remember not to push yourself too far.

5. Hang Up the Happy Moments

Hang art and photographs that remind you of happy moments. That way, when you look over at them, it can remind you of all of those happy times you’ve experienced throughout life.

6. Create a Cozy Room

Surround yourself with throws and pillows to create a cozy atmosphere. Keep a radio, CD player, or iPod dock on hand to play relaxing music or any music of your choice when you’re into your haven room. 

7. Light a Candle

White candles add an air of calm and relaxation. Try to stay away from the fragrant ones if you’re sensitive to scents.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask a Friend for Help

If some of these things seem a bit too challenging to do on your right now, you can try asking a friend or family member to help you out on creating a fibromyalgia safe haven. 

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