Getting Through Winter With Fibromyalgia

Jennifer HerreraJennifer Herrera
Jan 11, 2017

Winter weather can worsen fibromyalgia symptoms. The cold can lead to flares and other symptoms.

Watch the video above for some tips on how you can survive the winter when living with chronic pain, or read the written summary below.


Use as many blankets as you need to feel warm during your time spent at home or wherever you may be.

Layer Clothing

Bundle up before going out in the cold. Dress warmly, but not too warm; use layers to provide you with warmth and options.

Hot Drinks

Drink something hot to help the body warm up, like hot cocoa or your favourite tea.

Stay Active

Exercise can be effective in minimizing fibromyalgia symptoms. Find yourself a workout regimen that you can do indoors such as yoga or Pilates.

Warm Your Car

Start your car a few minutes before you go out. This will give it a change to warm up so it’s nice and toasty inside when you leave.

Finding Warmth

Sometimes it can get a little too cold, and it’s hard to warm up again. Try turning up your heat, use a heated blanket or heating pad, or you could even take a hot bath or shower.

Try making the best of this winter by creating a warm and cozy environment in your home.

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