My Story: Lidna Vizcaino-Rivera

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What were the steps leading up to your diagnosis?

What led me to the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia began from a car accident I was involved in. Even though the vehicle was totaled I walked out of it and never went to the hospital as I did not sustain any visible injuries. After the car accident, I suffered from aches and pains terribly for a very long time. I visited chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and no one was able to diagnose why I had so much pain—until I decided to go to an acupuncturist. I was tested for all the pressure points of pain and I basically aced it. All the points targeted revealed I had Fibromyalgia.

What lifestyle changes have you needed to make?

One of the major lifestyle changes I needed to make was resigning from my career of 14 years. I commuted for almost 4 hours daily; that alone took a toll on me. I needed to make a decision and as tough as it was I had to resign from my position as I had recently moved to a different state.

Who has been there for you? How?

Battling this illness is not easy but I find strength, refuge and endurance in knowing that God knows my pain and how much I can bear. I keep my daily prayer time with the Lord, as only then can I find the strength to go on. My husband, family and some friends have also been there for me. They help me by praying for me and helping me out when I need an extra hand with my children. My husband knows when I am overdoing it and makes sure I rest up. He handles a lot of the work at home that would be impossible for me to do without collapsing in pain. He is aware of the twelve spoon theory and reminds me constantly of how many spoons I am spending on days I am busy running around.

I suffered from aches and pains terribly for a very long time.

I find strength, refuge and endurance in knowing that God knows my pain.

I find strength, refuge and endurance in knowing that God knows my pain.

What accomplishment are you proud of?

I am happy to say that although I resigned from my job, I was able to take over a year off to get better physically and enjoy my children and spouse. During that time I started my own jewelry business. I also started to work out a bit and that was a big deal for me as I was beginning to lose feeling in my legs at times.

I am a lover of all things beautiful.

What's your advice to someone else living with Fibromyalgia?

My advice is probably not going to be very popular but having been diagnosed with chronic fibromyalgia and dealing with this illness for over 12 years, I can say that even through the toughest of days we can live a normal life. I can say that my relationship with God has been what has kept me thus far. Considering I have never used any prescription drugs I can say that I have a solid belief that God can heal and help me through this. I have opted for alternative medicine such as acupuncture, as well as taking vitamin supplements including Sam-E and also 5-HTP. This has worked well for me.

Is there anything else we should know?

I am a lover of all things beautiful. I love sweltering hot summer days. Warm days make me feel like a completely different individual, as opposed to colder weather conditions. For me, being in the sun gives me such a relief. I am also very creative and enjoy doing things such as: handmade jewelry, scented candles, sewing, crocheting and anything that allows me to use my creativity. I am also the mother of two beautiful girls, a devout Christian and I am currently working in a Middle School. All these things make me who I am regardless of the downfall of enduring chronic Fibromyalgia.

About Lidna Vizcaino-Rivera

My Story: Lidna Vizcaino-Rivera
I am Lidna Vizcaino-Rivera and a lover of all things beautiful. I specialize in creating handcrafted jewelry designs as well as homemade scented candles, diaper cakes, crocheting, sewing and scrapbooking. In my spare time I enjoy writing and journaling. I love to write encouraging quotes and devotionals. You can read my blog in both English and Spanish or follow me on Instagram.

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