15 Fibromyalgia Resolutions to Follow This Year

15 Fibromyalgia Resolutions to Follow This Year

15 Fibromyalgia Resolutions to Jump Start Your Year

At the beginning of each year, people all over the world take time to reflect on the past year, to set goals for the year ahead, and to commit to changes for the year. Truthfully, most resolutions fall by the wayside within a matter of weeks or months.

To truly implement those resolutions that we make in the new year, it takes more than words of intent but rather, disciplined lifestyle changes to achieve the goals set and fulfill the commitment we have expressed.

Those dealing with fibromyalgia would do well to make a firm commitment and walk a path of lifestyle changes towards better health for the new year. Just prior to the new year, one online group of fibro warriors did just that.

The National Fibromyalgia Association asked its Facebook followers to share their personal New Year’s resolutions concerning their journey with fibromyalgia. Below are some of their responses.

15 New Year’s Resolutions from Fibromyalgia Warriors

  1. “To keep moving my body! Stretch a lot every morning. Walk around the farm. Remember to move with careful awareness and treat myself to plenty of hot baths, black and white movies and Arnica Gel! — Mary Clasen
  2. “To use my time wisely doing the things I love.” — Karen Woods McIsaac
  3. “To allow myself to have bad days without feeling guilty.” — Melissa Winans 
  4. “To make it through my 45th year of having fibro and to never quit!” — Lou Gardina
  5. “To give up trying to convince everyone that I am ill…” — Robert G. Burke
  6. “To get moving and capture more of life. That may be doing things modified for ‘the fibro’ I live with, but it’s still living.” — Emily Atwood Hagensick
  7. “To better advocate for myself, whether it’s with my healthcare providers, myself or family and friends.” — Merielle Bernier
  8. “To do one thing a day. It could be laundry or just going out to get the mail.” — Susan Kenney
  9. “To have a little more laughter in my life. Laughter is the best medicine!” — Elaine Emond
  10. “To be gentle with myself and listen to my body, not just every day but every moment. To do what is necessary to support myself and surround myself with people who love me and bring positivity to my life. And to appreciate the so-called ‘little things’ that make life worth living.” — Kittie Eubank
  11. “To be happy for every moment I am here, every moment without pain or fatigue, to be grateful for the friends and my family who are so wonderful. And to give hope and encouragement where I can.” — Diane Jones Magnum
  12. “To help myself and others to understand this thing better and to try and find a remedy that works for me.” — Ann Walsh
  13. “To love life and keep believing there will one day be a cure.” — Kirsten Burgess
  14. “To keep on keeping on no matter how bad the pain gets…” — Rita Lique
  15. “To get through each day, one at a time.” — Michael Wood

The Takeaway

The common threads in all these resolutions are the importance of self-care, acceptance, gratitude, movement and exercise, proper mindset and positive focus. If we sit down and dwell on our pain, on what we can no longer do, how life has changed etc. we are allowing fibromyalgia to control us and rob us of the things in our lives that we do have.


Fibromyalgia does indeed change our lives forever, but acceptance of the “new normal” allows us the freedom to better take care of ourselves and embrace the things in our lives that bring us joy rather than trying to be what we once were, do what we once did, and regain what we once had.

Life, whether healthy or dealing with chronic illness and pain, changes for all of us. Choose this year to allow those changes bring new blessings, opportunities, and growth.

Be kind and gentle to yourself. Do more of the things you love. Pace yourself with the “have to’s.” Rest when needed, but keep moving each day and respect the body you have to keep it as healthy as possible with diet and exercise.

Seek out activities that make you happy, bring you laughter, soothe your soul, ease your mind, relax your muscles, energize your mood, and touch your heart. Be patient with others who do not understand and grateful for those who do.

Have empathy for those dealing with similar struggles. Be a voice of encouragement to others. Embrace the love and care of those in your life and by your side. Realize that you are loved, not for what you can do or accomplish, but for who you are! Be that person for yourself and your loved ones!

Choose to live rather than exist. It’s a new season and a new year, fibro warriors!


FibroToday (15 New Years Resolutions For Fibromyalgia Sufferers)

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