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Angela Finlay is a freelance writer and blogger committed to sharing matters that affect health and wellbeing. From fitness and motivation to medical ailments and psychological hurdles, she has covered a range of health and lifestyle topics through her web writing career.

Angela feels that a high quality of life should be a top priority for everyone, and tries her best to help people find more comfort, contentment and confidence with the resources around them.

From fitness and lifestyle to pregnancy and medical ailments, she has covered a range of health topics throughout her web writing career, contributing to major websites for over three years.

She believes that variety is not only the spice of life, but essential for happiness and longevity; as an avid runner, rock climber, artist, and vegetarian cook, her passion for health and vitality stretches into each corner of her life.

Angela's Work

Fibromyalgia and the Flu

How to Avoid the Flu With Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia and the flu often go hand-in-hand when the weather gets cool and germs abound. Check out these tips to stay well this flu season.
by Angela Finlay and Lana Barhum on January 3, 2019
Fibromyalgia and Depression

How Does Depression Affect Those Living With Fibromyalgia?

Many people with fibromyalgia experience depression at some point in their lives. Learn about the relationship between fibromyalgia and depression here.
by Angela Finlay and Katarina Zulak on December 18, 2018
Fibromyalgia Natural Treatment

Considering Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia

While there's no cure, many people find some relief combining natural treatments for fibromyalgia — like these ones — with traditional medical treatments.
by Angela Finlay on March 22, 2016
Fibromyalgia and Serotonin

Fibromyalgia and Serotonin Deficiency: What Is the Link?

Will changing serotonin levels improve the body's processes and in turn fibro symptoms? The solution to fibromyalgia and low serotonin may not be so simple.
by Angela Finlay on March 22, 2016
Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia

Trying Acupuncture for Fibromyalgia Treatment

If you’re considering adding acupuncture to your management plan, you’re not alone. Acupuncture for fibromyalgia is growing in popularity — find out why.
by Angela Finlay on March 8, 2016
Best Fibromyalgia Resources

Finding the Best Fibromyalgia Resources

There's so much information available that sometimes it's hard to know where to start – so we've compiled a list of the best fibromyalgia resources for you.
by Angela Finlay on February 18, 2015
Fibro Friendly Activities

The Benefits of Fibro Friendly Activities

Fibro-friendly activities that offer opportunities to learn new things, refine your skills, and build your creativity can help you take back control.
by Angela Finlay on February 4, 2015
Fibromyalgia Night Sweats

Managing Fibromyalgia Night Sweats and Hot Flashes

For many people with fibromyalgia night sweats and hot flashes are a common occurrence. Learn more about why and how to manage this frustrating symptom.
by Angela Finlay on February 4, 2015
Studying With Fibromyalgia

Studying With Fibromyalgia

Furthering your education with fibro presents a number of challenges, but it is doable. Consider these tips for studying with fibromyalgia.
by Angela Finlay on December 28, 2014
Fibromyalgia and Digestion

Connection Between Fibromyalgia and Digestion Problems

Fibromyalgia and digestion: Up to 70 percent of fibro sufferers have irritable bowel symptoms. Luckily, there are steps you can take to get some relief.
by Angela Finlay on December 2, 2014
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