5 Apps That Will Help You Reclaim Your Brain

5 Apps That Will Help You Reclaim Your Brain

5 Apps for Fibromyalgia to Try Today

Memory problems stemming from fibromyalgia can be embarrassing, irritating, stressful and problematic in your day-to-day activities. The chronic widespread pain that results from fibromyalgia can induce cognitive dysfunction. Daily checklists can help, but thankfully the age of technology that we live in can assist with avoiding some of these difficulties. The transfer and recording of information is nearly instantaneous with a number of apps available on any standard smartphone.

Thanks to these applications, available either free or for a minimal charge, you can avoid the daily problems of chronic pain-induced cognitive dysfunction.


The accessibility of your note-taking is almost as valuable as the note itself. Evernote allows you to share notes between devices, which means you can take a quick note on your way to the office on your smartphone, and then access it from your workstation once you arrive.

It also allows you to add comments or notes to media content, making it easy to anchor your thought process to pictures, images, links, or other sources of information that you want to reference later. Notebooks can also be cataloged and sorted, creating efficiency.

Evernote on iPhone

Evernote on Android

Where’s My Car?

This smartphone GPS car tracking app is simple to use and worth downloading. When you park your vehicle, activate the app and mark your location. When it’s time to return to your vehicle, Where’s My Car will guide you to its exact location. This application is great for crowded parking lots and multi-level parking garages. Now instead of stepping out onto the wrong floor and wandering around, you can head straight for your vehicle.


Where’s My Car? On Android

Tasks Free

Tracking your pre-conceived task list takes standard note taking one step further. The Tasks Free application can integrate with your Google Calendar, reminding you of appointments or other things that you scheduled months ago. This way you won’t have to check your calendar relentlessly, and worry about missing something you had already confirmed.

Tasks Free on Android

Manage My Pain

During doctor visits, your physician may request that you log and track your chronic pain. Doing so can help pinpoint potential triggers for your pain, or at least identify patterns. Manage My Pain offers an efficient way to keep an accurate log of your chronic pain for your doctor. This app can sync to a cloud network called ManageLife, ensuring that you won’t lose data. The application also generates useful charts and graphs to help track your pain.

Manage My Pain on Android


Recalling words can be difficult with chronic cognitive dysfunction, and you may not always have time or the ability to do an Internet search. Thus, Dictionary.com is a handy, pre-loaded app that can pull synonyms on your behalf to help solve the recall riddle. So even when you are not connected to your smartphone, or your data plan is at its limit, you can still pull the necessary information from your portable device.

Dictionary.com on Android

Dictionary.com on iPhone

While these useful apps are not cures for memory problems stemming from fibromyalgia, they are a powerful resource that can help you through your day. Adding these applications to your home screen will make them simple to access and offer quick referral throughout your day.

David W.David W.

David is a physician assistant finishing up his last year of med school, and an active member of the American Medical Writers Association.

Jul 23, 2014
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