Using a Fibromyalgia Checklist to Monitor Your Progress


Monitor Your Progress With a Fibromyalgia Checklist

Keeping a daily fibromyalgia checklist for what you are able to do and what you have difficulty doing is a great addition to a fibromyalgia journal.

You can use checklists to communicate to your partner, healthcare practitioner, or anyone else about what you’re having problems with throughout the day. You can then take what you have difficulty most and see if there are any tips about how to do that task in an easier way — or maybe there will be someone else who can do that activity.

Writing a journal for self-help will allow you to focus on those activities and describe an item that you have the most trouble with. If you experience severe pain in your back while doing yard work, you may want to try exercises to strengthen your back or visit a chiropractor for techniques to ease the stress on your muscles.

Check out this daily activity checklist and see if keeping track of your activities improves your condition.

Image: Daily Activity Checklist

NewLifeOutlook TeamNewLifeOutlook Team
Dec 31, 2013
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