Tips for Keeping Positive Despite Fibromyalgia

Fighting Back Against Negativity

Tips for Keeping Positive Despite FibromyalgiaThe challenges of living with fibromyalgia can lead to a lot of negative thoughts and feelings. Living with constant pain will do that to a person. In fact, sometimes it may feel like your life is filled with negativity, and it is easy to feel like this negativity has completely taken over your life.

But these feelings can quickly lead to depression. Of course there is a difference between situational depression, and major, or clinical, depression. In this instance I am referring to situational depression, something that occurs when you become overwhelmed by a negative situation, and usually goes away once the person’s situation changes. However, if left untreated situational depression may develop into major depression.

Considering that fibromyalgia is chronic, there is likely not going to be a huge change in our situation. So what started out as situational can easily and quickly turn into major depression. It is extremely important to get help from a medical professional if you are suffering from depression.

Our circumstances may make it difficult to avoid depression, but we can, to an extent, choose what type of thoughts we will focus our time and energy on, and whether they will be optimistic or pessimistic. Let’s look at how both types of thinking affect our mind and body.

The Impacts of Negative Thinking

Negativity can be detrimental to your health, as it has been proven to cause a number of problems for our health and body.


Negativity Causes Stress

I am pretty sure this is an undisputed fact. And I am also sure most of us know that stress is one of the leading causes of fibro flares – not to mention all the other havoc that stress causes on our bodies.

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