What People With Fibro Really Want for Christmas

What People With Fibro Really Want for Christmas

10 Things We’re Wishing for This Holiday Season

As the Christmas season approaches and we start writing our lists to Santa Claus, here’s what people with fibromyalgia really want to ask for:

1. A Cure

Let’s get that one out of the way early because, let’s be honest, if we could wish for anything it would be a magic cure.

2. One Pill

If the magic cure isn’t possible, then first on my list is one pill a day to keep my medication at bay. Just one.

3. A Good Night’s Sleep

I would like to go to bed and wake up on time feeling totally refreshed and well-rested.

4. Warm Hands and Toes

In this cold winter weather, I would like fully functioning circulation that keeps all my extremities toasty warm.

5. A Dance

I want to go to my work’s Christmas party, drink cocktails, and dance the night away.

6. A Seat on the Train

Every day, whether it’s the daily commute during rush hour or Christmas shopping on the weekend, I want a seat on the train.

7. A Day out in the City

Talking of Christmas shopping, I would like Father Christmas to give me a day walking in the busy high streets, buying presents for all the family and juggling multiple shopping bags while sipping on hot chocolate.

8. For Everyone to Know What Fibromyalgia Is

It doesn’t have to be forever, but for one day I would like everyone in the whole world to know what fibromyalgia is. I won’t have to explain it, or apologize for it, or feel embarrassed by it. Everyone will know, and they will give me a hug.


9. Energy

I want to buzz around all day cleaning my apartment, running errands, socializing with friends, cooking dinner; all the things I’m normally too tired at the thoughts of.

10. The Ability to Lift

This is a bit of a weird one and it might be just me, but I want to be able to lift my friend’s children, the kettle, or the shopping bags without the sharp pains and excruciating aches that follow. I want to know my wrists and my arms can lift something more than a paperclip.

I guess, this Christmas, I would like to feel happy and healthy and useful.

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