Making Your Home a Fibro Safe Haven

Creating a Fibro-Friendly Oasis

Fibro Safe HavenFibro warriors Starla and Adriel share their experiences with creating a fibro safe haven.

Starla’s Advice For a Fibro-Friendly Home

Whether out of necessity or desire, those dealing with the effects of fibromyalgia spend more time in their homes than the average person. It could be due to the pain, flare-ups and fatigue that hinder excursions, running errands and various outdoor activities; or possibly due to the fact that you do not work outside the home or that home has become your safe haven.

So what do you do when home becomes hazardous to your health due to various aspects of the environment you live in on a daily basis? Rather than allowing your home to be an obstacle course, make it fibro-friendly! This may sound easier said than done, but there are simple steps you can take to create an environment that is conducive to the lifestyle necessary in reducing pain and minimizing triggers and pitfalls.

Most tasks we perform on a daily basis require some level of bending, reaching, lifting and pulling — all of which cause pain and often lead to flare-ups. There are adjustments you can make to your home and movements, as well as tools you can acquire to make life easier and create a safe haven for you.

For instance, use a stool in the kitchen while preparing food or cooking. If you feel more comfortable standing, try using a footstool so you can alternate propping your foot on it, shifting your weight during the task. The same stool can be used to step up on to reach items on shelves, and if you have to stand to sort laundry or iron in your laundry room.


Home Remedies

Even your bedroom — the place made for rest and relaxation — can be a pitfall instead of a haven when you have fibromyalgia. Sleep can be a rare commodity, and finding the best mattress for fibromyalgia is imperative to making your bedroom more conducive to restful sleep. If your mattress is too firm or soft, purchase a topper.

Use an electric blanket to heat your mattress before crawling into bed and make sure you have lots of comfortable pillows. I need a pillow between my knees, under my feet and even one to prop my arms on at times. The head pillow needs to be flexible enough not to put your head and neck in an uncomfortable position through the night.

Creating a less stressful environment in your home also comes down to organization. Some days a flare-up, complete with fibro fog, can cause even the simplest of tasks to be challenging. For that reason, I assign certain drawers where essentials are kept and each item placed in the exact same spot so I don’t have to think about where to look.

For instance, my bathroom drawer is organized so the toothpaste tube is always in the exact same spot, the night cream on the left, and my medicine in the middle. Sounds simplistic, but those of you who understand fibro fog, know how even the most minute details can fade from your mind on a fog day.

Organization in the bathroom, your desk, or kitchen countertops and drawers makes your home much more fibro-friendly. If you have certain utensils that you use on a regular basis in your kitchen, place a caddy on the counter top at arm’s length for easy access. This cuts down on the reaching, pulling and even the thinking of where you stashed something in a drawer. It’s the little things sometimes!

A comfortable chair with neck and back support is a must for your desk, as well as pillows to support you. For me, I even have a stool under the desk with pillows on top to prop up my legs, giving my lower back and legs relief. I couldn’t work a day without this!

Those Out-of-Reach Places

While it doesn’t seem like much initially, the after effects of bending and reaching during household chores can be crippling in the days that follow. Try purchasing cleaning tools and accessories that will make house work less cumbersome for you.

Long-handled dusters for hard-to-reach areas are great, as well as long-handled mops for scrubbing the floor so you don’t have to bend over or squat. Even if you have a spill on the floor, using a large towel you can hold on one end and use your foot to rub up the spill with allows ease in an otherwise uncomfortable task.

An Oasis

Your home should truly be a safe haven, a place where pain is diminished, stress is relieved, and comfort is maximized. Soft lighting can do wonders; I have multiple lamps in each of my rooms to adjust lighting based on my pain level and moods of the day.

Another tool to make your home fibro-friendly might be a playlist of your favorite music ready to go. Music soothes and is like warm oil pouring over your weary muscles some days.

Speaking of oil, essential oils offer wonderful health benefits. Do a little research to find a blend of oils that will best benefit your symptoms and issues.

There’s No Place Like Home

Finally, if you do spend many hours at home, or even work from home, solicit help from those who share the space with you! Understanding and sharing of household duties go a long way towards creating a safe haven.

The more they feel involved in the process, rather than being shielded from it, the more they will understand and appreciate both what you are going through and what you do to care for home and family. Love is the safest haven of all and when you show love and kindness for yourself, it motivates others to do the same. A better you makes a better them!

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