The Best Inventions for Fibro Sufferers

Helpful Inventions for Fibro – and Suggestions for the Future!

Inventions for FibroThere are some very clever and creative people in the world who have put their minds, money and skills together and invented products or services that make the life of a chronic pain sufferer that little bit easier.

Some of these things we take for granted on a daily basis and others we don’t use nearly as much as we should. And then there are those things that haven’t been invented yet, even though there’s a group of fibro sufferers waiting for it to hit the product line.

Inventions I Love

Aside from the 10 things I think all fibro patients should have, here are my top five fibro-friendly inventions. Whoever invented these, I love you.

1. The Lightweight, Foldable Walking Stick

Gone are the days when a walking stick was a long wooden stick that weighed a ton and couldn’t be hidden. Today my stick folds up neatly in my handbag, weighs less than an average paperback book and has little flowers on so it’s easy on the eye as well.

2. Hot Water Dispenser

For those of us who can’t lift a full kettle of water, the hot water dispenser is a dream. You place your mug under the funnel, push the button and let the dispenser do its work. No lifting and no mess.

3. Electric Kitchen Appliances

Cutting bread or roast meat is one of the most painful things in the world, unless you have an electric carving knife. Then it’s pure joy. Same goes for electric can openers and electric food processers, both of which make the cooking experience so much easier.


4. Internet Shopping

This needs no explaining. You lie in bed in your pyjamas, buy whatever you want and then someone delivers it to your door. Genius. Oh, and the same should be said of restaurants that deliver food to your door. Also genius.

5. Automatic Car

Automatic cars have been around for years, and for years I avoided them. Now I own one and I am absolutely stunned at how much it’s improved my pain levels and my ability to drive to work. It’s incredible!

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